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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
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Chris Hemsworth as Nick Hathaway
Viola Davis as Carol Barrett
Wei Tang as Chen Lien
Brandon Molale as Sort Guard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mm-39 2 / 10

More like crap in a hat!

Black Hat one can write that Chris Hemsworth took the money and ran very fast with this one! What did not work: Too much did not work here: All the characters played the tough alpha male role. In today's cutler everything in movies has to be the same which makes for horrible character development. There is no balance between characters and or levity. Usually married couple, best friends etc balance each other out, with one being introverted the other extroverted etc! Bad movie characters like in Black Hat have no development. Blackhat's bad movie characters create disjointed scenes which creates one awful movies. Too make matters worse add Blackhat's plot holes, and story gaps your watching a big time awful movie. How does one meet a computer at a Korean restaurant? No idea with the story line here. Suddenly these bad guys show up for no reasons for an action sequence. I just became totally lost with the film. Confusion is how I felt watching this disjointed and confusingly awkward story. Fell asleep for the second half movie. Avoid this dog of a movie. 2 stars out of 10.

Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 3 / 10

Only worth watching once.

Blackhat is only worth watching once, on my second viewing i didn't find it as interesting as when i first streamed it. There are some films that are better on the second viewing (that is subjective) in my book Blackhat isn't one of them. There are some unexpected action scenes (Spoiler: Characters that you didn't expect to get killed off). The overall plot is slightly interesting, but that's about it.

Reviewed by nelliebell-1 10 / 10

The Deep State

I'am not always able to determine just how much of an interest is generated when a motion picture tells the story of Black Hat computing.There does not seem to be an end in just how deep the deep state will go but this film possesses that ability to delve into the deep state and its Black Hat ideology. It, that is this film offers the would-be viewer a glimpse into a very dangerous and deadly world of not only computer hacking but into would be disasters.This is a very serious and deadly contest where good ultimately triumphs over evil.This film is that dramatic and in a manner of speaking it is that well told.The Director Michael Mann did very well as the film was guided by very expert advisors in creating this virtual world that "Black Hat" exists in, as both computer information can be very spot on and violence arrives with the suddenness of true guerrilla quality engagements.There are high profile security agencies involved in one attempt after another to track down and ultimately identify the culprits of a nuclear disaster.I have to give the Director Michael Mann some credit here as well as the performances enhanced this often difficult territory.Michael Mann did more than just Direct he knew what he wanted and it is this opinion that this is a very well performed motion picture.Nick Hathaway played by Chris Hemsworth, Carol Barrets played by Viola Davis, Mark Jessop played by Holt McCallany, Leehom Wang played by Chen Dawai, Elias Kassar portrayed by Richie Coaster and Tang Wei portrayed Leehom Wang's sister.The story is such that compelling viewing is required.The stability of worldwide financial markets and even the very earth is threatened by this terribly dangerous place that the untrustworthy inhabit, indeed we are the curators and this world is our responsibility.The violation of a nuclear reactor in China caused a near meltdown with a bad actor having been hired at a point with access to the very most secure and most sensitive areas of the Reactor.The fault is very hard to fathom because this particular discovery is that this particular individual was in the F.B.I. databases of known Felons.This guy has a record and somehow he had access to one of the most secure networks we know of, a nuclear reactor.It is learned that this violation enabled the principal "Bad Guy" to install a backdoor into a computer switch and once launched drove the Centrifuge to fail which in turn removed any ability to cool the Nuclear Rods. Watch this because this is compelling viewing, it might even get more interesting when watching the run-up of the Futures Markets as what I believe is an actual Botnet used to employ a concentrated buying and selling scheme whereby this particular "Bad Guy" made some 74 million dollars.This is what I meant when I suggested of a threat by the "Deep State".These attacks are worth knowing about and so is "Black Hat". The term "Deep State" is not in a traditional sense to be associated with say The United States or perhaps the country of China, the "Deep State" is mostly used as a descriptive text of a darkened world protected by those whose interests it protects, namely "Hackers", "Blackhats", and those whose ability such protection would best be served. The Dark Web is another associative text whereby everything is sold or exchanged for other things that can be sold for or exchanged. This includes any illicit credit card numbers, social security numbers, classified information and so on. The Dark Web, like The Deep State", serves and protects the interests of a Black Hat Community. There is much in "Black Hat" to write about and perhaps much more as it would concern the Computer. To be certain "Black Hat" has proved to be very interesting both as a Motion Picture and Computer acumen.

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