Black Widow


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
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Debra Winger as Alexandra
Diane Ladd as Etta
Terry O'Quinn as Bruce
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fayann_simpson 7 / 10

Almost a classic

I'm coming to this party a little late.

Debra Winger and Theresa Russell are well matched as female leads. Both are excellent with Theresa Russell as the polished, mysterious killer and Debra Winger as the ruffled FBI researcher in pursuit.

There is an unlikely admiration and battle of wits between the two women as the cat and mouse game plays out across various locations. Each woman has their own motivation which is never fully revealed.

The films also has a great supporting cast including Dennis Hopper and Nicol Williamson as unfortunate husbands and James Hong as Shin the private detective.

The film works very well and is well paced right up until the ending which I found a little disappointing. There is a twist but I think they had a much better ending staring them right in the face but I suppose that wouldn't have been in the Hollywood style. What can I say I like my endings with a little more grit and not so happy. Nonetheless enough great performances to make this movie worth the watch.

Reviewed by sddavis63 2 / 10

A Tedious Disappointment

Something about this movie grabbed my attention. It was familiar; I had heard of it somehow. I'd never seen it, but ... there was something. It's been available on Netflix for a while, and I put it on my list some time ago but had never watched it. Finally today I took the plunge. And I found it tedious watching from beginning to end. From the very first scenes I thought this movie had a cheap feel to it. Not low budget. Some low budget movie are smartly done; some realize they're low budget and make that part of their appeal. "Black Widow" felt cheap to me - a movie that wanted to be good and smart and taken seriously but didn't have the resources to pull that off. It was a huge disappointment.

The story revolved around a woman (Theresa Russell) who makes a habit of marrying rich older men and killing them off for their inheritance - making sure that she does it in such a way that no one can pin anything on her or even suspect that the men were murdered. Except for one lonely FBI agent played by Debra Winger, who develops an obsession with the deaths of these men and, realizing that they had all married the same woman (who had used different names,) set out to get her. That's the movie. There's very little real suspense. We know Catharine killed them. It's a matter of seeing if Alexandra (Winger) can catch her.

It's actually a kind of strange movie. Catharine and Alexandra develop a relationship; a friendship. There are hints that it could even be more than that - but, please, hardly a lesbian "subtext." It was far too obvious and forced for it to be a subtext - like the scuba diving classes where women give each other pretend mouth to mouth. Seriously? The story was bland and passionless - it was, indeed, tedious viewing. I managed to get through it. There was an attempt at a twist toward the end to keep the viewer off balance. Was this actually going to go down that way? But it wasn't a very convincing twist, and I never took the switch seriously; always assuming that things would work out as we suspected they would from the very beginning.

A lot of people seem to have liked this; it's received a lot of good reviews. I just found it disappointing. (2/10)

Reviewed by trixie30 7 / 10

Watched again 30 years later (possible spoilers?)

We watched this again because it was on a late night movie channel. It's as trite and cheesy as we remembered. But for us, it's worth it just to watch the scenery because we visit Hawai'i when we can and love the islands. Let's see...

The notion of putting a hotel literally on Kilauea was ridiculous even then. Now, it's simply hilarious. Conditions change day to day. Less than 3 months after our last visit to the Halemaumau overlook, the parking area, path, and the old beautiful cross were destroyed by an explosive eruption. Ask anyone who had property in Royal Gardens or Kalapana about that. Madam Pele can literally drop rocks on your head at any time.

We enjoyed Debra Winger then and now, even though her character was obviously clichéd. Her performance was strong and she always looks like an attractive real person. We disliked Theresa Russell then and now. I've never been a fan, but her performance here was so bland and flat that she seemed half asleep the entire time. She's certainly not unattractive, but we don't find her believable as a femme fatale. She didn't ruin the movie, but it would have been better with someone else in the role. Someone who could have made the material feel better than it was.

The so called sexual tension between the two women seemed awkward. Maybe the producers/director/writer thought it was edgy at the time? Theresa Russell's Texas accent (and her whole "look") was cringe inducing. But that was redeemed by swimwear, etc. in Hawai'i.

Don't watch this movie expecting a rich, deep film noir experience. But do watch it for the scenery, Debra Winger's enjoyable performance, the supporting cast, and a plot that let's you float along with it.

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