Black Water


Action / Drama

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Dolph Lundgren as Marco
Courtney B Turk as Melissa Ballard
Al Sapienza as Edward Rhodes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ayaz-s 3 / 10

Best left alone

Everything about this movie is grade C, from props, sets, direction, story, action etc. If anything it is trying to bring Van Damme back to life but unfortunately there is not much of that left in him. The guy can hardly move now and so should avoid attempting to relive his past. Unrealistic shootouts and action scenes seal the fate of this movie.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 2 / 10

Where is the file?

Jean-Claude Van Damme is imprisoned on a Hollywood submarine with the proverbial file wanted by his boss gone rogue. Dolph Lundgren is also imprisoned there in a role slightly more than what he had in "Altitude" a film just as bad. This is a submarine that is a lot bigger on the inside than outside, aka 'Dave Made a Maze." Not a single bulkhead had a curve. They shot a lot of bullets into it. I am not sure what powered the submarine, but I don't think they had room for any kind of propulsion because it was filled with bad cliches and bad dialogue.

Now when a sub "takes on water" the collision alarm is sounded (I'm not sure what that was in the film) and the sub does an emergency surface. It doesn't wait until the flooding is stopped. Less depth means less outside water pressure and less flooding. Physics 101.

Our heroes battle the gang that doesn't shoot straight, even at close range with bullets never bouncing off a steel wall.

Guide: F-word. Implied sex. Brief nudity. No splits.

Reviewed by J. (CountJonnie) 3 / 10

A sloppy attempt at an action movie

Both Van Damme and Lundgren are on the decline, with memories of Expendables and JCVD, as proof that action heroes still exist and can sometimes even act. Alas, Black Water doesn't even come close.

Black Water is about JCVD being a CIA agent carrying secret information and gets framed . After being caught he finds himself on a top secret submarine prison, where Lundgren is another inmate. Van Damme has to escape and fight his way through the bad guys, and try to prove that he is the good guy.

First of all, the story is a mess. Which is forgivable, if at least the actors seem to be having what resembles fun. Let me tell you, Van Damme does NOT have fun. He looks older, more tired and uninspired than ever. Maybe Lundgren is enjoying himself, if only he knew what accent he is supposed to have in this movie, where he is trying to be a German. If all above is not bad enough, than that might be because you are expecting some decent action scenes. Boy are you in for disappointment, because not a single person seems motivated to throw one decent high or spinning kick.

Sorry, if you expected a glimmer of Expendables. No semi-decent acting, no fun buddy stuff and hardly any action worth remembering.

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