Black Snake Moan


Action / Drama / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 66%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
IMDb Rating 7 10 57155


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a_chinn 4 / 10

Two great leads can't save cliché filled tripe

"Black Snake Moan" drips in atmosphere, but it's clichéd, meandering, and mostly offensive. Samuel L. Jackson plays a Tennessee blues man looking for redemption and find his chance by "helping" stereotypical white trash Christina Ricci. After finding a drunken, half-naked, and beat up Ricci along the roadside, he chains her to his radiator in order to provide tough love until she agrees to change her party girl ways. Yep, the film is just that offensive! Jackson and Ricci are both strong actors and are compulsively watchable, even when they're saddled with garbage like this, but it's only their screen presence that makes this film barely watchable.

Reviewed by Davis P 7 / 10

A different kind of movie

Black Snake Moan (2006) is a very interesting movie, it's one of a kind. It has an A list Hollywood cast. Veteran actor Samuel L Jackson, child star Christina Ricci, and singer Justin Timberlake. The actors are well cast and I think they all did a pretty good job with their individual roles. Jackson plays a man who's wife has left him for another man. And Christina Ricci plays a sexually abused women who's boyfriend (Justin Timberlake) has left for the military. Ricci's character is left beaten and bruised on the side of the road, and Jackson's character finds her and brings her into his house to care for her. Then that is when the movie really takes off. The movie executes its plot in a way that gives depth to all the characters, so that is good, but there are times where you aren't sure how to feel about certain characters and there are moments that feel kind of awkward. Luckily those times aren't rampant throughout the film, but they are there. Overall, the movie isn't one I would 100% recommend to any and everyone, but I liked the connections made between the characters. This movie is probably worth watching just once just for the connections and deep characters. 7/10.

Reviewed by ramaja-1 8 / 10

A little gem

This is one of those little gems that I propably wouldn't pick up if it wasn't on TV. This drama is a full package. Good acting, meaningful story, skillful directing and blues! Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci are very good tandem in this story of dysfunctional girl somewhere in America. She is sexy and disturbed and SLJ is good as always ( did he ever had a bad role? ). We have some chains and a lot of pain that needs to be cured! Definitely recommend for all people who are looking for more than entertainment.

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