Black or White


Action / Documentary / Drama

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Anthony Mackie as Jeremiah Jeffers
Kevin Costner as Elliot Anderson
Jennifer Ehle as Carol
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by C. Sean Currie (hypestyle) 7 / 10

Costner and Spencer Anchor Touching Family Drama

Major Spoilers "Black or White" is a drama co-produced and starring Kevin Costner, written and directed by Mike Binder.

The plot is, and "is not" about race. It's about the ties of family, forgiveness, and stepping up to responsibility-- but race also is in the midst of each of those issues, complicating each for the characters.

I don't know that anyone's social views will be all that changed by the events of the film. If anything, they might be affirmed.

Oscar winner Octavia Spencer does solid work with maternal grandmother Rowena, who is more nuanced than the film's trailer might suggest. Nonetheless, the film gives her character plenty of the "tough & sassy eye-rolling mama" tropes to wade through.

Rowena's attorney brother Jeremiah (Anthony Mackie) is set up as a kind of Johnnie Cochran stand-in, with racial-bait ideology at the forefront of his mind.

The granddaughter Eloise is written as very precocious for her age; surprisingly, any "deeper insight" as to her feelings about her father suddenly coming back to her life are not revealed. I was halfway expecting a segment where she is allowed to speak in court but, it doesn't happen. Curiously, Rowena's gay daughter and family are introduced in a matter-of-fact way (perhaps an oblique commentary that Rowena is not homophobic), but the daughter's take on these issues aren't dealt with at all; she just kind of stays in the background. (I'd have to see the film again to even be sure which one was the daughter, and which was the partner. They're THAT much in the background.) Elliot can apparently go on as many benders as he wants, but the drinking is just seen as "a little problem", that Elliot is "addicted to anger" and not "full blown" alcoholism. It seems to sidestep taking the issue seriously.

Duvan, an African immigrant of nondescript nationality (except that his hometown was war-torn) serves as an "alternative black" in Elliot's life. He's given a kind of "model minority" backstory in his college-student status, prolific paper-writing and multiple-language fluency. He's quite visibly nervous in his first visit (albeit an impromptu one) with the Jeffers family. The family treats him with respect, though no one seems curious at all as to where he's originally from. In another kind of film, someone in Rowena's family might have made fun of his accent on his first visit. But the glaring uncuriosity concerning Duvan came across as a little disingenuous.

We see nothing of Elliot's blood relatives or any in-laws via his wife's family. Seemingly nobody of note at the funeral/wake, just, nothing. Do any of them know or care about Elliot/Eloise? Maybe this would have complicated the balance of characters, but anyway..

The film resolves itself in a somewhat surprising way. The narrative is flawed, but well-meaning. It is tolerable for a second watching.

Reviewed by slightlymad22 9 / 10

Once Again Costner Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

Continuing my plan to watch every movie in Kevin Costner's filmography in order, I come to his final movie of 2014 black or white.

Kevin Coaster certainly wasn't resting in his laurels in 2013/14. For the first time in his career, 2014 saw him release 4 movies in a year.

Plot In A Paragraph: A grieving widower (Costner) with a drink problem, is drawn into a custody battle over his granddaughter, whom he helped raise all her life.

This is a great movie that is filled with great performances. It's a tricky subject and it could easily go very wrong stepping on a lot of land mines, but it doesn't. It's an uncomfortable watch at times, but it's compelling and totally absorbing. You can tell both Costner's and Octavia Spencer's characters both love the child, but both get caught up in their own feelings a little too much. I'm surprised this didn't garner much notice upon release, and even more surprising it was released straight to DVD in the UK, in January of this year. I think that's a real shame as KC gives one of the strongest performances of his career.

Because no studio would finance it. Not for the first time, KC personally financed this film himself because he was moved by Mike Binder's screenplay, and wanted to tell the story of the family.

The movie credits show that this movie was dedicated to the memory of J.J. Harris, who was Kevin Costner's first talent manager and also a close friend. Harris passed away a year ago.

Reviewed by nicholls_les 9 / 10

Really well made

Black or White is the story of a grandfather (Kevin Costner) who is suddenly left to care for his beloved mixed race granddaughter.

When her paternal grandmother (Octavia Spencer) seeks custody the usual legal battles begin.

Based on real events, the movie doesn't gloss over anything. Costner gives a brilliant performance and his little speech when asked if he is racially prejudiced is brilliant and honest.

The little girl Jillian Estell playing Eloise is one to watch as she grows up and I hope she carries on as an actress because she did a great job here.

Anthony Mackie is good as Jeremiah and Paula Newsome is perfect as Judge Cummings (she bears a startling resemblance to a young Oprah Winfrey which was a bit distracting) Overall a good film and one that anyone with any racial prejudices should watch.

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