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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bogus One 8 / 10

Well made, thought provoking entertainment

The film about the life of a young woman from rural area of the Philippines. She lives with her father who wants to prepare her for adulthood and teach her to be self sufficient. The world turns out to be far more complicated and dangerous than she can imagine at her age. Her actions will eventually draw the attention of local authorities. She and her father appear as victims of a police force whose priorities are at odds with the interests of the community. Rather than spelling out every detail, a subtle symbolism carried the events along as we are allowed, for the most part, to draw our own conclusions.

Reviewed by dandbone 9 / 10

Movie about freedom and truth

I enjoyed a lot this movie because it's touches sensitive subjects in a non-judgemental manner.

The movie is about a man and his daughter who live in a remote area, far from civilization working on some rented land. They are essentially free, but their freedom has a price. Living at the edge of civilization, far from the sheltered environment of the cities, their life is a constant struggle for survival. Worse, they are easy targets for all kinds of abuses, including those of the authorities. To civilized people, the free man is worth less than an animal, or so I understood the metaphor with the eagle.

The civilization, represented by the police officers and park rangers, is seen as corrupt and greedy. Truth and justice has no place there.

There are two story arcs in the movie. One is about the daughter of the farmer and the other about a young policeman. They both start as pure of heart. But only she keeps her purity, while he loses it. At the end of the story, the truth that escaped him is revealed to her. It's as if the god that watched the whole thing without ever intervening, has chosen her at the end. He takes everything from her, while leaving her only the freedom and truth.

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