Biggles: Adventures in Time


Action / Adventure / Family / Sci-Fi / War

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Peter Cushing as Air Commodore Colonel William Raymond
Alex Hyde-White as Jim Ferguson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bowmanblue 8 / 10

Viewed through nostalgia's eyes

Put simply: I watched Biggles when I was a young boy in the cinema in the eighties. Therefore, I loved it. Of course, now, through adult's eyes, I can spot all its – numerous – failings, but I still love it nonetheless.

First of all, for those of you still under the misapprehension that Biggles was simply a series of books about a fictional First World War pilot, you may find that he's changed slightly on the big screen. Yes, he's still a loop-the-looping daredevil of the skies, but he also travels through time. Or rather a rather down-on-this-luck marketing executive in nineteen-eighties New York keeps slipping through a hole in time to help out Biggles whenever he gets into a jam. And here we learn about 'time twins' – two people from different eras who inexplicably appear next to each other whenever the other is in danger.

If you can forgive the minor straying from the source material, it's actually quite good fun – if you're in the mood for eighties cheese. And it is very eighties. The music is electro, completely over the top and doesn't fit the mood in the slightest (okay, it may be okay for the scenes set in the eighties, but watching a World War One battle to prog-new romantic whatever music is a little off-putting). It was like the film-makers were trying to recapture the style (or should that be 'style?') of Flash Gordon with its Queen soundtrack.

Plus you have the rather unfortunate choice in leading man. No, not Biggles, even though he should technically BE the leading man. Instead, and cynically some might say in order to sell it to our American cousins, the story is more about Jim – our overworked marketing exec from the Big Apple. The problem is he's just pretty wooden really. He's being dragged this way and that through time and his expression never really changes. Biggles would have been a better – but possibly less bankable – star in his own right.

But, even if you detest some of the casting choices, you still have the awesome dogfights between bi-planes. Biggles was made well before the advent of CGI and the use of real planes is pretty breathtaking (even to the sound of eighties electro!). And of course you have Peter Cushine – he's still got it, even though he looks a little tired now and it's no surprise to learn that this was his last on-screen role.

If you saw (and loved!) Biggles in the eighties, everything you loved about it will still be there. If you're coming to it fresh then you may wonder what you've let yourself in for. Fans of a severe overdose of eighties cheese only. If you liked Flash Gordon or Masters of the Universe, you may want to also put this one on your radar.

Reviewed by Amy Adler 6 / 10

Biggles in not really large in size but it has its moments, somewhat entertaining

Jim (Alex Hyde-White) is a catering manager with a busy schedule. Yet, one day, a strange man comes calling at his house, in a thunderstorm. He's secretly an officer, Colonel Raymond (Peter Cushing) from World War I! Whoa! He tries to warn Jim about future strange happenings but the catering man doesn't listen. All too soon, Jim is back in time, flying an aircraft in WW I and hanging out with Bigglesworth, Biggles for short (Neil Dickson). That's because, as the colonel tried to explain, he is Biggles "time twin". Thus, never knowing when, Jim is transported between two time periods. Naturally, this upsets his food business while he gets into many a hair-raising situation as a pilot. Sometimes he's captured and interrogated, while he and Biggles face even firing squads. Is this supposed to be fun? This movie is not really as large as its title indicates but its a pleasant enough experience. Based on a long ago set of popular British novels, its escapades probably worked better in print form. Hyde White is cute as the poor soul with the time travel problem while Dickson is quite dashing. Costumes are fine while special effects are adequate. All in all, there are worse ways to spend an evening but don't harbor high expectations before a showing.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 5 / 10

The franchise that never was.......

One minute New York advertising expert Jim Ferguson is at a business party, the next he finds himself way back in 1917 in a plane fight during World War I.

Mysterious Mr. Raymond explains to him that he has a time-twin, to whom he's relocated in space and time whenever one of them is in trouble.

So he has to help his twin, the titular pilot, in his attempt to destroy a German super weapon, that could win their war.

But it's getting harder for Jim to explain his sudden disappearances to his fiancé, Debbie

You have a little respect to a film when the viewer can pinpoint the exact moment in the film where most of the budget went. I'm talking of course, about the helicopter stunt done near London Bridge. You know the one, the one where the man is making strange bodily gestures without actually doing anything.

The other reason is that its a standout moment in an otherwise pretty bland film. We have some boring lead being sent backwards and forwards through time, and just as we start to appreciate the titular character, we are rudely sent back to Peter Cushing, who lives in the most expensive place in London, who shows Jim a few old photos and a business card he dropped.

The whole film also has an air of desperation about it, like its so desperately trying to be the next Indiana Jones, or the next big franchise, and it just doesn't work. The comedy is too over the top to be funny, supporting characters are pretty boring, and the maguffin is stolen straight from Raiders, the bad army come into possession of a powerful weapon which will make them invincible.

I can understand why it has such a cult following, but many cult films were seen through rose tinted specs, and people cannot see just what piffle the film is.

And the last scene is begging you to see the sequel.....

You dint have to travel in time to see that would never happen....

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