Bigfoot County


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Reviewed by tclark55 1 / 10


Contrary to what some reviewers write, the title is appropriate. The scares and dangers in the film come not from Bigfoot, but from the inhabitants of the area which is Bigfoot Country; the drug-dealers and other rural denizens of Bigfoot Country are the scariest things in those woods.

I enjoy found-footage films, but this was boring. The protagonists, while not as annoying as in some other films of this type, still are irritating, what with their insipid dialog and moronic decisions. The cleverest part of the film is the final shot, a close-up of a dead protagonist while in the background Bigfoot walks by--oh, the irony! Unfortunately, I watched this after Wild Men which is a comedy/horror found-footage film about searching for Bigfoot that is much more entertaining. Bigfoot is the scariest thing in the woods in that one.

Reviewed by daniel-mannouch 3 / 10

Mediocre Found Footage Film With Cheap Grabs At Transgression

... and 12 SECONDS 12 SECONDS!

I really don't know what to make of this one. On the one hand, it's a generic as all hell found footage piece with a modicum of camp value as THEY ARE HUNTING FOR BIGFOOT! BIGFOOT!! IN 2012!!! On the other hand, you got a Deliverance clone with no pay off. Slim Pickings.

Intoxication or a gaggle of like minded friends are essential to salvage any entertainment value from this C-grade entry into a genre late into its decline. That's not entirely true actually. Paranormal Activity 4 still made 5x it's budget that same year of this production. But that series, let's be honest, was the only true game in town by that point anyway.

The only way this film could have redeemed itself was, like all the clones, fight dirty and become an exploitation piece. It was nearly there as the third act kinda accelerated into snuff territory, but I mean, come on, what's more WTF, rape by pot smoking hee-haw or by Sasquatch? It worked for Night of the Demon (1980), why not now? Show what Hollywood can and will not. Have some gull fellas, come on. Make Trash Great Again!

This dim affair gets three stars.

Reviewed by whatwouldgenerdo 1 / 10


A ridiculous, pathetic 'Blair Witch' rip-off, an absolute insult to that horror masterpiece. Horrible acting, horrible, pathetic 'script', a shameful rip-off premise, you name it. Almost a parody of 'Blair Witch', with absolutely NONE of that brilliant movie's charm. Not even fun to watch ironically. They take concepts and scenarios directly from Blair Witch, and try to disguise them as their own. The dialogue is EMBARRASSINGLY bad. At least the Bobcat Goldthwait Bigfoot movie wasn't a rip-off, and had some truly frightening moments. One positive is some of the 'scary' sounds in the woods were pretty scary, OOOOH! The filmmaker(s) should be ASHAMED of themselves. It leaves you feeling NOTHING for the characters, except rooting for their slow, painful demises. I don't know how anyone involved in this celluloid abortion can look themselves in the mirror. Don't watch it. It SUCKS.

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