Big Bad Wolf


Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 2203


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Clint Howard as Fulton Chaney
Richard Tyson as Mitchell Toblat / Beast
Kimberly J. Brown as Sam Marche
David Naughton as Sheriff Ruben
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jacobjohntaylor1 9 / 10

Very scary

This a very scary movie. It has great story line. It has great acting. It also has great special effects. If it does not scary you no movie will. 6 is underrating this movie. People are giving to a good ratting will say that. But still 6 is underrating it. This is a 9. This scarier then A Nightmare on elm street. And that is not easy to do. If there is one really scary movie to see this Halloween see this movie. This a very scary movie. It is scarier then The silence of the lambs could ever be. This is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. This is one of best horror movie of all time. If this does not scary you no movie will. If you like good horror stories see this movie.

Reviewed by pesic-1 1 / 10

More crap

What is the ratio of good werewolf films to bad ones? It has to be one to fifty. This film is another bad entry. Now, the basic idea for the plot is not so bad, although it is needlessly convoluted and with subplots that go nowhere. Also, the werewolf is quite adequate. Many werewolf films have bad looking werewolves. This one is just a guy in a suit, and not a very expensive one, but it works for a film with a comedic touch. I also liked the idea that the werewolf talked. Too bad it only spouted rather lame one-liners.

The problems with the film are numerous, from poorly written characters, to unnecessary characters, to zero character development, to poorly written dialogue, to serious problems with pacing, editing, music, and overall tone. It shifts from drama to horror to comedy, and it does so in really awkward ways. Ultimately this is what buries it. You simply have no idea what you are watching, why the tone keeps shifting, and how you should interpret a scene. It is simply not fun to watch this mess. Oh, and the big action scene in the climax was not well done at all.

I cannot recommend this to anyone.

Reviewed by Birugirl 1 / 10

Doesn't Work for Me!

I had seen the trailer a few minutes ago, and I hate it on how it looks like, especially the CGI, to much CGI that is! Kimberly J Brown was alright in this, but I wasn't so use to see her as a bad quality type.

I personally wish that they had chosen another actress who is not typecast in a horror movie, Kimberly is sadly one of them. On the other hands, the other actors were amazing!

Overall, I hope that you guys skip this movie this coming Halloween as it is not scary at all. If you want to watch werewolf movies, check out the original film noir or the Twilight Saga or other werewolf movies out there. Have a good day!

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