Big Bad Bugs


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Eve Mauro as Tracy Cavanaugh
Jack Plotnick as William Marx
Sarah Lieving as Catherine Deckert
Fahim Fazli as Enemy Soldier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hwg1957-102-265704 2 / 10

"The monster might be faking it"

A wormhole opens up in Afghanistan and a team of US soldiers of vague ethnicities is sent to deal with it and also find the mad scientist responsible. They encounter huge creatures which have been enlarged by crystals coming out of the wormhole. (I think...) A scientist called William Marx is drafted to help as he knew the mad scientist. Also in the team is Catherine Deckert who is Marx's ex-wife. (What are the odds of them getting together again?) Not an original plot and not an original film. In fact a very poor one with no tension or excitement, comic moments that fall flat on their face and a badly constructed script, not to mention the laughable CGI monsters.

The characters are all irritating. Jack Plotnick as Marx tries to be amusing but fails and Ted Jonas as Lt. Steven Raiger shouts most of his dialogue for some unknown reason. It's a terrible bit of acting that would disgrace a primary school performance. All throughout there are lines of dialogue that don't make sense and the characters act in a way no real person would. The music score by Johnny Wilson is the only worthwhile element in the film. Apart from, of course, the hilarious talking snakes.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10

Extra-dimensional creepy crawlers of gargantuan size...

I am a sucker for creature features, especially when talking movies where the creatures are of gargantuan and monstrous sizes. However, most of those movies are laughable and poor, so it was with next to no expectations that I sat down to watch "Big Bad Bugs". So I would not be disappointed, but might actually be positively be pleasantly surprised. However, unlikely as that would be, given the rating the movie had scored on IMDb, I still decided to sit down and watch "Big Bad Bugs".

The special effects and CGI were questionable at best, let's just say that. The creatures were indeed looking like something out of a 1990s computer game. Yeah, they were that fake. And I must admit that I have never heard a scorpion squeal like a pig, nor having the ability to shake its stinger and tail to make it sound like a rattle snake. Or even monstrous spiders that sound like squealing pigs for that matter.

Now, the idea for the creatures was good enough, but it was so poorly executed on the screen that it was hard to take the monstrous creatures seriously.

The size of these creepy crawlers was explained that a scientist had opened a wormhole, and the creatures were milling through that wormhole into our world. Yeah, isn't it original?

And this is without a doubt the first time that I have ever seen a military guy take off his boots to cross a shallow stream of water. Seriously? Taking off the boots to walk through water, yeah, that was very military-like in spirit and training.

It should be said that the music score for "Big Bad Bugs" was actually quite alright. The music was well-fitting for the movie, and it was subtle enough to fit perfectly into the background yet still be outstanding enough to be noticed over dialogue and action on the screen.

The characters in the movie were quite generic and one-dimensional, which meant that the characters were fairly alike and only distinguishable by their outer appearance. And the script and storyline left little or no room for character Development.

"Big Bad Bugs" has a very straight forward storyline which is very easy to follow, and you can actually leave the room for some time to get something to eat, drink or whatever, and come back after a while and still be up to speed with what is going on. For better or worse.

If you like creature features, then trust me when I say that there are some far better choices available out there.

Reviewed by mac-ginty 2 / 10

Sci fi channel creature feature

Now this is a sci fi channel movie so you know its going to be fairly cheap and shoddy from the outset. Usually these films have a vaguely recognizable actor or actress in the title role (usually someone from Stargate or Stargate Atlantis) but this film hasn't. The plot for what its worth has a renegade Army scientist opening up a wormhole in a cave that causes insects to grow to a huge size. A team of Seals and a couple of Scientists are sent to plug this vortex before it swallows the world.

Now these films can be entertaining but this is at the lower end of the spectrum for these creature features.Interesting to note that as spiders get bigger there skin becomes bulletproof to the point where a team of a dozen people can empty assault rifles into it without hurting it but a man with a knife can easily dispatch it. Also because the are bigger their brains are bigger so they become smarter (we know this true because of all the dinosaur astrophysicists).

To sum up its pretty bad, the special effects are weak even by sci fi channel standards and the pacing is dire. The finale is quite entertaining in a ludicrous way. Overall, I'd recommend you avoid this unless you are one of those people who get a kick out of watching bad movies.

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