Big Ass Spider!


Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 6055


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Lin Shaye as Mrs. Jefferson
Greg Grunberg as Alex Mathis
Ray Wise as Major Braxton C. Tanner
Clare Kramer as Lt. Karly Brant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jimnshay 7 / 10

B Plus

"Big Ass Spider" is a reasonably entertaining B-Movie that neither takes itself too seriously nor insults your intelligence (except with your permission). If you like this kind of comedy/horror/monster movie at all, you'll enjoy yourself here. It's not Shakespeare; then again, that's not what it said on the box. And you opened it anyway.

You could compare it to a Syfy original; it's in that genre. But it's better than all than about three of them, and that's including "Sharknado." Not like BAS is genius, but Syfy movies are… not good.

It does what a B is supposed to do: entertain, divert, scare a little, clown around. Decent job. A perfect NetFlix weeknight movie; even Saturday night, if you're not doing anything.

Reviewed by jenkins-kat 10 / 10

Hilarious and Smart

This movie achieves everything it sets out to do - very much like "Eight-Legged Freaks."

It's a send-up of the genre, exceptionally well-done, with great comic actors (even the ones who don't have lines- they definitely spent on talent) and homages to everything from Ridley Scott's original 1979 "Alien" to "The Matrix" to "King Kong."

Great production values as well. They market it as low-budget, but they spent on the important stuff.

And the title is hilarious.

This is a work of horror genre comic genius.

Reviewed by darksyde-63508 9 / 10

big on comedy, short on horror

While technically a "horror comedy", Big Ass Spider has more comedy than horror. Having said that, this is still a perfect low budget midnight movie. Unusual for most low budget films, this actually has decent acting, with some pretty good gore effects, and while the CGI spider is just kind of eh, the special affects are better than average for this type of film. And of you pay close attention, it comes as no surprise that you can see low budget king Lloyd Kaufman of Troma films play a jogger that gets crushed by the alien in spider in a blink and you'll miss it. Although like I said it's a lot.more of a comedy than horror film, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed this neat little flick.

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