Beyond the Woods



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davecoak 10 / 10

Fresh, atmospheric, suspenseful addition to the horror genre

I first saw Beyond The Woods at the superb Unrestricted View Horror Film festival in London where it won best international picture. I loved every bit of this film. I was wary of what standard to expect as you get a mix at certain film festivals. I needn't have worried. I was pleasantly surprised to see a superbly put together feature. The acting is superbly subtle/natural particularly from the 2 lead roles Ger and Lucy. Having said that the rest of the actors were also really great. I loved the setting the location is a star of the movie, isolated house in a massive forest - creepy as hell! The edit is very fast which adds to the suspenseful feel of the movie and the character development for a horror movie is second to none. I've recommended it to all my horror buddies it's my favourite horror of the year can't wait for the DVD release. 10 our of 10 for me! Can't wait to see what director Sean Breathnach does next.

Reviewed by mauricecoveney 10 / 10

Awesome movie totally loved it :D

Beyond The Wood's is a really awesome movie . The character's are really cool in there own way and have all there own personality's . The story is very well written and it will lead you up in suspense to an awesome grand finale . I'm watching horror movies since I was a kid and can officially say this is on my favorite horror movie list . The setting is beautifully shot also showing the contrast of the calmness of the wood's with the darker side of it . The director does a great job of using the scenery to full advantage . There isn't a dull moment in the movie . I love psychological thriller's so this lived up to my taste . This isn't only for fan's of horror though for anyone who like's a great movie you will enjoy this and if your a fan of horror or thriller you will love it also . I saw it twice already and am looking forward to watch it again . Watch out for the thrill's suspense and awesome acting . Beyond The Wood's is a movie i'd highly recommend and everyone I know who saw it loved it also . :D

Reviewed by Geek Legion of Doom 6 / 10

Well acted , poorly written

I was almost instantly impressed with the acting in the opening few minutes of this movie. 7 friends gather in a farm house to reminisce about old times. The actors seem like genuine people and real friends, there is some great character work by the actors and all seem very real. One may seem a little OTT , but that's down to him being written as a typical jerk. The premise is good. These friends more or less trapped in this farm house with a mysterious sink ( or should I say stink ) hole opened up two miles away, that maybe spewing up more than nasty smells. Once the friends start to get menaced by a mysterious presence it starts to go down hill. It feels like the writer, who also directs, doesn't seem to know where the story and this antagonistic force is going. It's powers seem undefined , and seems to be able to do what ever the plot demands and has seemingly Omnipotent abilities . Yet we have a dude dressed as Skeletor walking round with an axe. Lot's of questions are raised but very few are answered. It's light on actual horror and gore aswell. The character work is great and cinematography, lighting etc all looks to a good standard . The movie does have a somewhat cheap feel to it too. The man behind this has talent as a director but maybe should work of someone else's script . The cast are top notch and does make you care about the characters . Overall good potential, but lack of experience behind the camera shows

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