Beyond the Reach


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
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Patricia Bethune as Secretary
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cmovies-99674 8 / 10

raw fear

PROS: Hands down the best part of this movie was the acting. I haven't seen acting this good in such a long time. The genuineness and rawness the actors showed was incredible. The characters shared bonds that initiated much of their decisions. The environment was a character in this film. You don't often find that the setting/scenery in which the movie takes place to be so influential, but in this case the environment really acts as though it is its own person. The desert had character development and personality. It played a key role in what made this film what it was. The other thing to point out would be how unparalleled the story ark was compared to any other film I have seen. There was man vs. wild and man vs. man and those two attributes were very well articulated throughout the film. 

CONS: The one thing for me would have to be how confusing the end of the movie got. I was stuck with the legitimacy of the storyline. The whole film you were gifted with an exceptional idea and setting, but at the end you get a very unwelcoming slap in the face when the movie tries to add stuff that it really didn't need. The extra bells and whistles weren't able to enhance the film which is what their goal was, but in fact it actually drew away from the pureness and integrity of it.

Reviewed by SteveResin 4 / 10

Beyond The Pale

Tedious, by-the-numbers thriller that sees Michael Douglas play an entitled multi-millionaire businessman out in the desert paying off the locals so he can fill his trophy cabinet and bag himself a Longhorn. Of course, this being Hollywood he hires the "BEST TRACKER IN THE STATE!" even though the guy looks half asleep from the word go and barely out of short trousers. Jeremy Irvine is lacking personality and it's hard to care for his character and the predicament he finds himself in.

The predicament itself is mildly interesting but spoiled by absurd moments. Douglas accidentally shoots some old eccentric living out in the desert and frames Irvine for it, making him wander the wasteland until he hopefully dehydrates or burns into a crisp. But our personality free but plucky hero has other plans! Which seem to involve heading to the eccentric's home, which hilariously in inside an abandoned mine but furnished with vinyl records and old school dynamite, and just... hide there. Douglas finds him and the chase is on again, culminating in Irvine following some lame Treasure Island style map to uncover a chest buried by the eccentric, which contains water and finally a weapon. Unbelievably, the weapon turns out to be an old school slingshot with marbles for ammunition! And in true Biblical style David slays Goliath. Except he can't even do that right and instead ties him up and takes him back to the local police station.

More thrilling twists and turns unravel as Douglas escapes through the toilet window into a waiting helicopter (he's a millionaire, they have 'copters waiting at the drop of a hat) and the chase is on again. The end is just dreadful and there's not much point recapping it here because like a Longhorn with a good snout you'll see it coming from a mile away.

The only thing this movie has going for it is the scenery, the story is wafer thin and stretched to fill 90 minutes when 30 would have sufficed, Irvine is like a plank of wood and Douglas' false teeth were too distracting. Avoid.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

escape the B-movie mode

Ben (Jeremy Irvine) is hard up for cash. He's hired by wealthy, ruthless businessman John Madec (Michael Douglas) to be his hunting guide in the desert. Madec has an expensive new truck with all the gadgets and a high powered modern rifle. However, he doesn't have a permit to hunt the bighorn. He bribes Ben with a wad of cash. He carelessly shoots and kills an old prospector. It's a start of a deadly game as Madec tries to cover up his culpability. He leaves Ben in his underwear to die in the scorching desert.

It tries to be a hard-edged modern western. Michael Douglas tries too hard to be the villain which borders on camp at times. He needs to tone down the performance which would elevate the tension. The point is to avoid a B-movie sensibility. This does not do that completely successfully. It could have worked a little better as a strict human hunt. Instead, there are lots of little questionable turns. It could have been better.

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