Beyond the Mask


Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance

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John Rhys-Davies as Charles Kemp
Kara Killmer as Charlotte Holloway
Andrew Cheney as William Reynolds
Adetokumboh M'Cormack as Joshua Brand
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Penny Chavers 10 / 10

Awesome movie!

This movie was excellent. I loved the action, the romance, the patriotism, and most of all, the spiritual lesson to be learned. There was no foul language or ungodly scenes to make you or your family uncomfortable. This movie should be made into either a regular show or a continuation like a trilogy. I loved Ben Franklin's character too. This movie would even make a good video game.

Reviewed by lamorak13 10 / 10

Excellent family film

My old childhood friend and I watched this together, myself for the second time. This is a movie that is rare these days, full of important themes like redemption and love. This is an historical costume piece and easily one of the best ones. I thought the lead couple were great together and interestingly, they married several months later, a happy postscript to the movie. I have 4,000 movies in my collection and this is in the top rank. I found the acting very good. Just for the record, I am a PhD in History, a former military officer, an adjunct Associate Professor and a Christian. Bravo to all who made this movie!

Reviewed by Wil C. Fry 2 / 10

Disappointingly Preachy And Anachronistic

Having selected the movie because of an interest in "alternate history", I wasn't prepared for the preachy religious nature of the film, nor the anachronistic technology -- which wasn't explained, by the way. I'm accustomed to nearly every movie mentioning religion or God occasionally; it's something people think about, so okay. But Beyond The Mask was fraught with Christianity's "salvation" message, something that wasn't mentioned in any online description I'd read beforehand. On a somewhat-related note, there was also a surprising amount of violence for a PG film, though little of it was bloody/gory. It didn't help that the writing seemed sub-par -- perhaps because it had to be bent around the "come to God" theme and to make sure religious viewers weren't offended in any way. In places, the actors were impressive, but most of the time the acting seemed wooden.

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