Beyond the Edge


Action / Adventure / Documentary / Drama / History

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sarmadakhtar 10 / 10

Perfectly directed with amazing camera work

1st of all i want to thank the director for making this amazing and worth watching documentary. I liked this documentary from start to end.It kept me excited all the way because of some of the amazing camera work that i have seen yet. I am already a mountain lover and after watching this movie i can't control my love for the mountains and for the amazing nature that has been documented in this documentary. I would recommend this movie for anyone but especially for those who are more forgiving towards nature and for the people who like mountain's climbing e.t.c If you want to see a perfect made documentary on the ascent of the highest peak of earth then you have to look nowhere else.This documentary film presents every thing that is needed for a documentary to be an awesome documentary. From me i would rate this movie 10 out of 10. Love it amazing experience.

Reviewed by lukang72 10 / 10

Amazing film

What a fantastic movie about an epic achievement. You really feel like you were with them through the expedition to the final crowning moment, and you really appreciate the monumental achievement that it was, and the courage and effort it required. It has the feel of the classic age of exploration and is befitting of its topic and the times. The recreations are very convincing and flow seamlessly with the archival footage. The somewhat restrained tone of the film fits well with the manner of Ed Hillary and the rest of the British expedition. The original narration by Ed Hillary, again highly restrained, juxtaposes against their monumental accomplishment, and I think it is a nice and fitting touch. The memory of the film remains afterwards, and I think the film is a fitting tribute to the men and the event.

Reviewed by jimmbbo . 9 / 10

Excellent documentary weaving historical footage and recreations

An excellent telling of the story of the conquest of Everest. A detailed and fascinating account of the first successful expedition that seamlessly blends historical footage and pictures with recreations while telling the story of the whole expedition, including the strategy, tactics, equipment, procedures and internal politics of who would be chosen to attempt the summit. After watching several of the historical and more recent Everest films, this one filled in some information holes and provided an insight to the "real deal" as told by those who were on the team, recalling personal and important pieces of the expedition.

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