Beyond Skyline


Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Frank Grillo as Mark
Jonny Weston as Trent
Iko Uwais as Sua
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by screechy_jim 5 / 10

It's OK, nothing on the original.

I liked the original Skyline, it was a perfectly understated account of alien invasion which I could totally relate to. Unlike films like Independence Day where humans assemble their most senior military leaders, accomplished scientists and world leaders, plan a perfect strategy over coffee and doughnuts, then kick the aliens back to Alpha Centuari, Skyline had no such ideals of homo sapien based majesty. Everything happens so quickly there is no time to react and we're at the mercy of the invading force. Its a great film which so casually captures so many of the essential elements of Sci-fi.

I originally thought that Beyond Skyline was a sequel, but its a concurrent story from the perspective of 'Mark' an ex-cop played by Frank Grillo who is one of the 'go to' guys when you want a strong physically appealing lead but you can't afford the likes of an 'A' list actor. A Van Damme of modern day if you will.

The film doesn't have the subtle finesse of the original. Its a much more hands on Kick ass approach to depicting the story, both from involvement of the characters with the aliens and how the screenplay unfolds. It isn't that I don't necessarily like this approach, but in the manner it's been done it is a bit hackneyed and as a result the film does come across a little cheesy and clichéd.

The Special effects are good, more or less on par with the original so there are no glaringly obvious visual discrepancies that would otherwise put you at odds with expectations. I can't say I like the direction because it makes the movie experience too much like so many films before it. The original managed to establish a distinctly unique perspective which I found really appealing, but this one definitely gives a more paint- by-numbers experience.

The plot is a little loose. Half way through they end up in some Asian country, fights between humans ensue for no apparent reason, and of course there's a lot of Martial arts involved. Later, there's plenty more martial arts involving aliens too. In the original Predator film, Jean Claude Van Damme was cast to play the predator, but left the set after 2 days when he realised he wouldn't be able to perform any martial arts. Quite rightly so since ET's Kungfu studios are established across the galaxy. In this film the producers seem to have just given free reign for the plot to roam, so there's all sorts of random occurrences, including kung fu for the sake of it.

The familiar format for an invasion type film really comes into play half way through the film. it's complete with a scientist/boffin, his total understanding of the situation and (yes you guessed it) a quick fix ,involving an upload to the invading aliens which will elicit their defeat. Ok its a biological one, but its still a cut and past of very very tired notion.

Ok I'm not going to bitterly slate this one because it is somewhat shallow on originality. If you like the 'resistance from a small determined group of rebels theme' and/or 'the strong elite warrior overcomes adversary through grit and tenacity to save the human race' type films, then this one is for you. I didn't like the format much nor the transition of the aliens from formidable hyper tech creatures at the beginning, to vulnerable wannabes invaders you could beat with a few karate kicks and a pen knife by the end. Ultimately this was a decent B movie, but nothing like the inspiringly creative installation we had with the first one. It was just too generic for my liking. Still, I think it's an ok watch if you're not expecting too much, you like your sci-fi two dimensional, or just like to see aliens eventually get an ass-whooping.

As I said, I was more or less fine till half way through, about 50 minutes in, but watched the remainder with my eyes either rolling in their sockets or with eyebrows raised.

I'm giving this one a 5/10 because I was somewhat bored and a little restless by the end and I can't think of any circumstances where I would to watch it again. I do appreciate it isn't a bad film by a long stretch, but I think it lazily discarded all its originality for the sake of pandering to a spoon fed audience, and that seriously diminished what was on offer.

My recommendation here really depends on your tastes. I have no doubt some will love it, but I think the more discerning film goers, particularly the sci-fi ones, won't be so welcoming. Which are you?

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 5 / 10

A Film with Lack of Humor, Character Development and Better Screenplay

"Beyond Skyline" is a sci-fi film too dark and with a total lack of humor. There is no character development and we do not know anything about the lead characters. The screenplay is full of clichés and a complete mess, with action, detective story, crime, sci-fi, horror and martial arts. The special effects are excellent and maybe the best part of this forgettable B-movie. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Reviewed by gojo-14173 7 / 10

Beyond Skyline and so much better than the first

As we all know the first movie was boring but this one managed to keep me entertained all the way, good story-line, characters are likeable, the SciFi element is a little unbelievable but heck its a movie that's what they do. If they bring out a third movie, I will go and watch.

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