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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by said_df 9 / 10

This movie is a must! one of the best i have ever seen!

I just saw the movie Beyond, few hours ago; I was reading through the reviews here, and unfortunately lots of people didn't understand the true meaning of it. I am glad to see some reviews where people got the main idea behind it!

The relationship between the 2 main characters and how it is evolving is very well written. The music in this movie, and the "abstract" parts are so intriguing!

This movie has soo much deep meanings and I think it s a must see!

Reviewed by markkbranson 9 / 10

Don't Let Other Mislead You: A Gotta Se Film

This score is the highest I have awarded a film and this one deserves this score without a doubt. The acting, the camera work, the narrative-- all the elements are clicking here and the only reason I did not give this a 10 is the ending is too ambiguous for me (don't worry, I won't give it away.)

The work is post-modern, but with a sci-fi twist to it. The narrative goes back a forth in the relationship between Cole (Richard Danum) and Maya (Gillian MacGregor). The time shifting is the post-modern aspect while the sci-fi emerges when an asteroid about the crash into earth is really an alien attack vessel.

Danum and MacGregor are great in this film. I became invested in their relationship and kept my fingers crossed that they would overcome their trials after the truth of the asteroid and their own truths are reveal to one another.

I have seen that this film is an "Indie," yet the quality of the acting and camera work belies this title. I have, indeed, reviewed "Indie" films here (recently I just commented on "Scent.") This film simply has too high quality of a look for me to class this work as an "Indie." The talent in front of and behind the camera may not be affiliated with a major studio, but the work certainly has the look of a major production.

There are some comments here and elsewhere that fault this film because it doesn't "deliver" on the sci-fi aspect. I conceded there are not creeps here, not action/adventure stuff that those of us in the post "Star Wars" world believe defines sci-fi. But this film has far more important fish to fry so if you really like thoughtful films, high quality films, and films that transcend the usual explosions and/or gore (a la the entire "Alien" product), then take and hour and a half, sit back, dim the lights, and immerse yourself in "Beyond." This film deserves your attention!

Reviewed by robertemerald 10 / 10

Two apocalypse survivors struggle with each other's emotions

Despite my drab summary line this is not just another apocalypse movie. It's a highly intelligent realization of a possible future alien contact scenario that is credit to all those involved. The characters aren't perfect, and therein lies its beauty. The boy is slightly to very selfish in his practical appraisal of life, which sways from shallow to understandably deep, whilst the girl is caring enough to generally see past this issue toward a more optimistic view, whilst at the same time being sufficiently combative (she doesn't let him get away with it) to keep one interested. The relationship begins well before the "end' and builds in a carefully choreographed mosaic, moving forward and backward in time, to unravel their issues, which are poignant and relevant, as well as the story of their survival after the "end".

I was so impressed that my thought half-way through the movie was that I must ring the radio science call-in show here in WA (Doctor Carl) to find out if science has yet to invent or is trying to design, whatever, a huge self-sustaining spaceship, which can harness solar winds and gas particles and mine asteroids, etc, that would help to guarantee mankind's survival.

There are many really good apocalypse movies. This is easily one of the most novel and sophisticated so far. CGI? There's very, very little, but be reassured the photography is sufficiently superb, and the acting so first class, that after 20 minutes you'll be glad you chose this delight for sci-fi movie night.


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