Best Man Down


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 8667


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Justin Long as Scott
Addison Timlin as Ramsey
Shelley Long as Gail
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Logomark 10 / 10

laughed at the begining, cried at the end! what a transition!!

This movie changed its tone in a vary subtle way from begining to end. i laughed cried smiled and fell in love with this movie by the end. this is not what i expected when i started this movie. but as the movie progressed it kept surprising me. worth your time if you want to see a feel good movie witha heart. bcz this one definiely has a big heart.

Reviewed by A 9 / 10

very underrated, a gem.

I won't say nothing new in this review, everything you need to know is written in other top reviews. I am writing this just to say that this movie is seriously good. It should be ~7.5 in overall imdb rating, it's that good as a dramedy, top notch quality in filmography, beautifully shot. Very good acting, especially Addison Timlin was simply outstanding, she created one of the most compelling characters I ever seen in cinema. This movie is not comedy, it's about 80% of drama, however the drama is not heavy/dark, it's sad but compelling and uplifting, plus some quirky(in a good way) comedy lightens the mood successfully. Watch it, you'll not regret this.

Reviewed by capcashmere 5 / 10


I only borrowed this because it was a free rental. I really expected a lame comedy wedding flick and to just watch ten minutes and switch it off. Very pleasant surprise. This is a drama, and it's definitely not about a wedding, though the couple have just married. Instead, it's about relationships and several dysfunctional people and how well you really know the your life. It's nicely done and looks beautiful, set in the snow. Cast are all good too. Well worth a look. I'm surprised by the low rating. I guess maybe others were disappointed it's not a wedding movie as such.

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