Bermuda Tentacles


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Linda Hamilton as Admiral Linda Hansen
Jamie Kennedy as Dr. Zimmer
John Savage as President DeSteno
Trevor Donovan as Chief Trip Oliver
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Reviewed by Wuchak 6 / 10

Ambitious & thrilling Asylum flick about the Bermuda Triangle and the cause of all those missing crafts

RELEASED TO TV IN 2014 and directed by Nick Lyon, "Bermuda Tentacles" covers events in the Bermuda Triangle after the president of the USA (John Savage) is ejected from the doomed Air Force One on an escape pod. Linda Hamilton plays the admiral in charge of the military operation searching for the pod at the depths of the ocean. Unfortunately some kind of multi-tentacled life-form threatens the task. Trevor Donovan plays the risk-taking leader of the rescue team and Mýa Marie Harrison a lieutenant who joins the squad. Jamie Kennedy appears as the onboard scientist.

I saw the horrible reviews for this Asylum flick, which debuted on Syfy, so I was fully prepared for a real dog, like 2007's dull "30,000 Leagues Under the Sea," but "Bermuda Tentacles" is actually pretty decent for a TV sci-fi/horror flick. This is an austere military-oriented movie and the thrills are consistent from beginning to end. All the vessel scenes were shot on a real battleship. True, the CGI tentacles are cartoony, but anyone viewing a movie that debuts on Syfy expects that anyway.

What surprised me was that I thought this would be a movie about vessels combatting tentacled monsters. While there's a lot of this, particularly in the first act, the movie is more ambitious and opts for elements of movies like "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1979), "Alien/Aliens" (1979/1986), "The Abyss" (1989), "Independence Day" (1996) and "The Core" (2003), albeit on a TV budget. There are some genuine wonder-inducing moments.

Being an action-based military-focused flick, don't expect any of the women to appear in alluring apparel. Curvy Mýa, for instance, appears in unflattering cammies from beginning to end, but she does a fine job and is likable.

THE MOVIE RUNS 89 minutes and was shot on USS Iowa BB-61, San Pedro, as well as Aviation Warehouse, El Mirage, and Studio 53, Burbank, California. WRITER: Geoff Meed.


Reviewed by Michael O'Keefe 4 / 10

Air Force One goes down. Tentacles come up!

A SyFy original that will keep viewers occupied thinking about useful predictable climaxes. President DeSteno (John Savage) is having a reason to stress as Air Force One runs into turbulent skies over the Bermuda Triangle. The president is forced to to use an escape pod after his plane is hit by lightning. Against her personal wishes, Admiral Linda Hansen (Linda Hamilton), calls for a Special Forces team led by Trip Oliver (Trevor Donovan) to rescue the Commander-In-Chief. The admiral and Chief Oliver have personal differences, but it seems everyone knows that he is the man for the job. Meanwhile, a sea monster with lethal tentacles attacks Hansen's ship and puts the president's rescue in dire jeopardy.

The story line is really not that bad; but much can be desired when it comes to script and some believable CGI. Savage seems mostly dumbfounded, while Miss Hamilton is hardly recognizable. The cast is filled out with: Mya Harrison, Jamie Kennedy, Robert Blanche, Angelique Cinetu, Ricco Ross and Richard Whitten.

Reviewed by whtdimds-21564 1 / 10

this movie should have been "Terminated"

and, I am glad " it won't be back". Oh Linda,

what were you thinking..

Actors lines are flat, there is clearly no emotional involvement by anyone in this movie. Plenty of dialog, no validation or explanation, and while I liked the idea of a jettison pod, what is the thinking to just drop the President in the drink and hope someone finds him, where are his secret service men who are supposed to be by his side at all times, this their way of taking a vacation? I was actually rooting for the "monster".. Whoever authorized this as a "GO" picture, should have been fired. Probably was, pitiful on every count, not even the music score was a saving factor. Storyboard and plot obviously went to lunch and never came back. by far, one of the worst Syfy channel movies made. and that is saying something.

If you want to watch a GOOD Bermuda Triangle movie, watch the one SyFy channel did called "The Triangle" with Sam Neil, Catherine Bell, Erici Stoltz, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Bruce Davison. Now there is a great miniseries.

Sorry Linda,

but even champagne loses its "glamour" when served in a plastic cup.

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