Berlin Syndrome


Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 73%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 15489


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Teresa Palmer as Clare
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drtodds 6 / 10

Good.....but not Great

"Berlin Syndrome" (Australia 2017) One of the newly available releases on Netflix from my Max Riemelt. A good (but not great) psychological thriller set in Berlin. Clare (played by "Point Break's Teresa Palmer) is a young Australian woman on vacation in Berlin. Andi (Riemelt) is a local high school teacher who she meets on the street/in a bookstore. What was intended to be a one night stand turns very wrong when she awakens the next morning to find herself locked inside Andi's isolated and (soon to be revealed) well-fortified apartment. The remainder of the film, which I would estimate spans a period of 6-9 months, is focused on Clare adapting and attempting to survive her captivity. There are clues that her predesessor didn't fare so well! Both leads did a decent job portraying their respective characters and the cinematography and sound editing were eerie and added to the film's overall feeling of tension. Critiques: the ending was pretty stale given all of the build-up and there was really no explanation of Andi's psychosis and behavioral anomalies (some hints perhaps but nothing at all concrete). Worth a look....just don't set your expectations too high. [3/5]

Reviewed by isskrisktyliai 9 / 10

What an unexpected gem

This movie is brilliant for many reasons: 1) Acting - I really like Theresa Palmer as an actress, she might be one of my favourite actresses. In this movie she has proven herself again and did an amazing job. I have not seen many movies with Max Riemelt but he was in Sense 8 and he is a very good actor. 2) Story line - without giving out any spoilers. Gripping, unpredictable, emotional. 3) Directing - well directed, definitely not boring. Strongly recommend if you like movies that are a bit different and not like standard Hollywood movies.

Reviewed by blue-flower-177 7 / 10

psychological Thriller

Playing on Stockholm Syndrome, the movie is excellent; screenplay, music, acting! All Excellent, very gripping with great ending

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