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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aceberserker 10 / 10


Last time I saw this movie I was 10 years old, that is 35 years ago. I loved this movie and that is why I am ordering it. It was made in the 70's, so of course it isn't up to todays movie standards. Even though, I'm sure that kids will still love it. I can't believe what that wet-paint watcher said about it. It is a cult classic and the song "Ben" sung by Wacky Jacko at the end is great. I cried and probably will again. His/her comment isn't worth diddly squat. I still reckon it to be a great movie. I think people should judge the movie for themselves, taking into consideration that it is a 70's movie. That way you won't be expecting to see the kind of movie you would see in the cinema today. Nevertheless, this is a great movie for its time.

Reviewed by Coventry 3 / 10

Disney in the sewers

I haven't encountered many people who agree with me so far, but I thought the 1971 film Willard was a deliciously grim and underrated horror gem. It handled about an extremely introvert adolescent whose only friends were a bunch of rats he could communicate with. The more recent remake starring Crispin Glover is worth a look as well. That's why I was glad that I found myself a copy of this 'Ben', the quickly produced sequel to 'Willard'. The film starts where Willard left off and wonder-rodent Ben finds a new human friend. A young boy with a heart condition takes Ben in and sings him songs. Nonetheless, Ben and his thousand of followers need food and the constantly increasing rat-plague terrorizes the neighborhood. This sequel isn't half as unsettling as Willard and it's merely driven by sentiment. The poor boy's heart condition is shamelessly exploited and the whole 'nature versus man' fable isn't very convincing. The friendship between boy and rat is pictured like some kind of Disney fairy-tale. The rodent saves the boy from bullies and even shows him around in the sewers. Ben may easily be skippedÂ…it has very few excitement and hardly any memorable moments. I guess the only winner here is Michael Jackson who had scored a monsterhit with the title song. Lucky for him, most people don't even know he's singing about a rat.

Reviewed by McCamyTaylor 10 / 10

10 Out of 10 If You Love Rats

It is a shame that this film has not been re-released on DVD. The VHS costs hundreds of dollars, presumably because of the Michael Jackson theme song. And yes, the theme song is wonderful. But not as wonderful as the love story between a rat, Ben and a human boy, Danny.

This was released decades ago as a horror film, but the only thing horrifying about it is the way that the humans lose their humanity when confronted by rodents who are just trying to survive.

If you love rats, you will be delighted by all the scenes of rats doing what they like to do best---eating, grooming and cuddling. If you have a rat phobia, I would stay away from this one.

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