Beloved Infidel


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 62%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 812


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Gregory Peck as F. Scott Fitzgerald
Deborah Kerr as Sheilah Graham
Eddie Albert as Bob Carter
Jack Kruschen as Darby Forsythe - Beach Bum
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fletcher Conner 6 / 10

Talented actors wasted by a poor script

Beloved Infidel is the story of the real life romance between Hollywood gossip columnist Sheilah Graham (Deborah Kerr) and legendary writer F. Scott Fitzgerald (Gregory Peck). It is based on Graham's autobiography and the story is definitely told through her eyes. Plain and simple, the story is a soap opera and the quality of writing fits it. For a story about two professional writers, the script fails to properly develop the characters. Graham has one scene about 40 minutes in when she opens up a reveals the truth about herself, but it is not built on and scarcely mentioned again as the story transitions to a focus on Fitzgerald's drinking, which comes out a left field.

Kerr gives a good performance given how little she has to work with, and Peck tries his best to match her. However, Peck is a little miscast in this role as the emotionally troubled Fitzgerald. In between well done emotional outbursts, Peck reverts to his traditional stoicism, which works well in many of his other roles, but feels slightly out of place here. There is also a surprising no appearance by or hardly a mention of Fitzgerald's wife, Zelda. A fascinating person who at this point in her life was in a sanitarium. That is just one example of Graham's influence on the script, keeping the focus off of her lover's wife.

Ultimately, Beloved Infidel is probably not worth your time unless you are a big fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald or Deborah Kerr.

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 3 / 10

Full of flaws!

Copyright 1959 by 20th Century-Fox Film Corp. U.S. release and New York opening (at the Paramount): 17 November 1959. U.K. release: January 1960. Australian release: 18 February 1960. Sydney opening at the Regent. 11,057 feet. 123 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: "A soap opera about a Cinderella from London who came to Hollywood and took care of a noisy drunk." — Gregory Peck.

NOTES: By late 1959 CinemaScope's box-office lure had so dramatically declined that Fox's publicity department offered a choice of advertising blocks — with or without the CinemaScope logo!

COMMENT: Gregory Peck is certainly uncomfortable in the role of F. Scott Fitzgerald and doesn't sink himself into the character at all. It's just Gregory Peck reading lines — and reading them very badly. And Eddie Albert bears as much resemblance to Robert Benchley as I do to W.C. Fields. And there's a distasteful caricature of Alice Faye (played by Karin Booth) which is obviously so untrue (Faye must have been barely half the age at the time), it makes one suspicious of all the rest of the scenes in the film — though certainly the bit about Mankiewicz firing Fitz from "Three Comrades" is true enough, except for the fact that Herbert Rudley doesn't look a bit like Mankiewicz! Half-asleep direction by Henry King doesn't help this movie either!

Reviewed by kijii 6 / 10

Sheilah Graham's story about F. Scott Fitzgerald's declining years

It is rather strange that the story of the great American novelist, F. Scott Fitzgerald (Gregory Peck), ends up being told, here, by the transplanted American gossip columnist, Sheilah Graham (Deborah Kerr). But, however melodramatic this picture may come off, we must remember that it is HER story--not his. His full life story is referred to, here, more in retrospect, but his struggle with alcohol is well documented.

I find that great film scores often elevate a movie, and the score by Franz Waxman does wonders here. This was the era of great film scores, scores that often outlasted the overall effect of the movie.

This is one of 3 movies in which Gregory Peck and Eddie Albert co-star, so this combination must have worked for both of them.

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