Behind the Candelabra


Action / Biography / Drama / Romance

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Matt Damon as Scott Thorson
Rob Lowe as Dr. Jack Startz
Boyd Holbrook as Cary James
Michael Douglas as Liberace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackson Booth-Millard 7 / 10

Behind the Candelabra

I had been meaning to see TV made biopic movie for a long time, I knew the celebrity being focused and the lead actor playing him, so I made the effort and finally watched it, directed by Steven Soderbergh (Sex, Lies, and Videotape; Erin Brockovich, Traffic, Ocean's Eleven, Magic Mike). Basically in 1977, Scott Thorson (Golden Globe nominated Matt Damon) is working as an animal trainer for films, then he meets Hollywood producer Bob Black (Scott Bakula) in a gay bar in Los Angeles, Black urges him to leave his adopted home and search for better paying work. Black introduces Thorson to flamboyant entertainment giant Wladziu Valentino "Lee" Liberace (Golden Globe winning Michael Douglas), who takes an immediate liking to the handsome younger man. Liberace invites the two men backstage, then to his luxurious home in Las Vegas, Throson observes one of his dogs is suffering from a temporary form of blindness, with his veterinary experience he offers to help the pianist, the dog is treated. After this, Thorson becomes Liberace's "assistant" at the performer's request, Thorson is also hired as his chauffeur, driving a Rolls-Royce limousine, he moves in, and they become lovers. Thorson confesses to Liberace that he is bisexual, he is attracted to both men and women, Liberace is sympathetic, informing him he tried to love women, but was exclusively attracted to men, but he believes that God still loves him. It gradually becomes clear that Liberace is trying to mould Thorson into a younger version of himself, he asks his plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Startz (Golden Globe nominated Rob Lowe) to transform Scott's face to resemble his own, and he unsuccessfully attempts to formally adopt him. Thorson becomes increasingly angry and frustrated with Liberace trying to control, and his obsession to publicly hide their romance at any cost, he turns to drugs. In 1982, Thorson and Liberace's relationship is ultimately destroyed, by Thorson's increasing drug abuse, and Liberace's interest in younger men, including dancer Cary James (Boyd Holbrook). Thorson gets his attorney (Whiplash's Paul Reiser) and attempts to sue Liberace for over $100,000,000 of his assets, this results in their formal partnership ending, the lawsuit starts in 1984, but Liberace flatly denies any sexual relationship with Thorson. In December 1986, Thorson receives a call from Liberace that he is very sick, later diagnosed as AIDS, he wishes Thorson to visit him again, he agrees and visits him at his retreat in Palm Springs, there they have one last emotional conversation. Liberace dies in February 1987, Thorson attends his funeral, in which he imagines Liberace performing on stage for one last time in his traditional flamboyance, before being lifted to Heaven with a stage harness. Also starring Dan Aykroyd as Seymour Heller and Debbie Reynolds as Frances Liberace. Douglas gives a powerhouse performance as the blatantly gay, peculiar and charming entertainer, Damon is equally good as his lover, and there is great support from the likes of Lowe and Aykroyd. This is one of the few occasions that a TV made movie could easily have gone to the big screen, the production is fabulous, the costume design is brilliant, the use of colour is splendid, the feel is both eccentric and glamorous, and it is not afraid to be controversial with the subjects of homosexuality and addictions, a most watchable biographical drama. It won the Golden Globe for Best Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television. Very good!

Reviewed by Sollypob 7 / 10

An interesting film

An interesting film that enters the feelings of homosexuals and the relationship of money and sex The film is wonderful and psychological aspects and the performance of Matt Damon wonderful A real story but in a dramatic drama but the sexual scenes were not on the level as many scenes

Reviewed by Avid_Movie_Viewer 2 / 10

REALLY? Good Reviews? Liberace? LOL!

Liberace was a douche. He's even worse on film. Only the 70-80s lax era protected him. Liberace was every reason that idiot Christian crazies deny REALITY. Liberace embarrassed the LGBT community with his predator behavior. Liberace was not a mean man but he was a complete DOUCHE that bought @SS. I'm completely shocked that no one capped his @ss in Vegas. Separate the sexuality. He was a douche that thought $$$ bought him the right to use people. He was a maggot.

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