Before Sunset


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Ethan Hawke as Jesse
Julie Delpy as Celine
Vernon Dobtcheff as Bookstore Manager
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Reviewed by aviraltaj 10 / 10

justice done....2 the first part.

If u liked the first part....u'll definitely like this one too as the love and connection remains the same irrespective of the place and the time of day. They'll be having some mature conversations now.....but the innocence could still be seen. Rarely u'll find movies like this....where u will dissolve in each conversation and have that.....'aahaa' moment.Some might even relate with themselves......others just sit back and enjoy the it will definitely take u to some place. For romantic genre lovers it is a definite watch......and the only thing u will feel bad is that the film....ends....!!

Reviewed by DeeKyuBee 10 / 10

Their older, bolder, better

Before Sunrise follows Jesse (Ethan Hawke) who is now a bestselling author and reconnects with Celine (Julie Delpy) in Paris as Jesse is having a book tour as he's become a bestselling author. It follows similar territory as the first film but in my opinion, it is better and might be my favorite film out of the three films. You can just feel the vibe of Paris and the characters wonderment even just watching their back The biggest improvement that this sequel does than its predecessor is the pacing. It is about 20 minutes shorter than the first film giving it a brisk 80 minute run time. Another reason why this film works better is how mature the main characters are. In the first film, Jesse and Celine, although way more mature and intelligent than anybody typically is their age, they were still young and didn't have as much life experience to have even more thought-provoking conversations about life itself.

The film is all dialogue and what I loved and admired about this film so much is how much this film depended on the two main leads. There isn't any action sequences or even supporting cast that can steal the show. It is focused squarely on these two performances and its just AMAZING and yes I had to capitalize that because that's how much praise they deserve. They achive what other actors strive to achieve, when watching the film, you don't notice the actor but instead feel as though you are watching real characters and eavesdropping on their daily life.

The camera work is impressive as well as there are many long takes usually through a whole conversation of the two leads walking through Paris. Speaking of Paris, it is absolutely gorgeous and with the camerawork you can see the beauty of Paris as you are walking with Jesse and Celine.

The problem is I can't really talk about what specific conversations these two share in the film without spoiling the experience for you. You find out where they've been during the past nine years, why they never met again, where they've been, what they are doing, in the past and maybe even in the future. Although I can't talk about the many philosophical conversations the film has here's a little taste of it!-

Before Sunset isn't just my favorite film in the franchise but one of my favorite films of all time. Its a film about how something so small such as conversing can turn into something bigger, more thought provoking, and ultimately life changing. The ending is one of the most perfect endings to a film that I have seen. Its so simple yet hit me so deeply, and I could not recommend this film enough it is a true masterpiece that I hope you love too. :)

Well that went deep.

Score 10/10

Reviewed by amheretojudge 9 / 10

isn't everything autobiographical?

Before Sunset

Easily the best installment of the Before Series; considering the runtime and the conflicts between the characters, Before Sunset swifts smoothly with the help of the actors charm and Richard's smart adaptation with some interesting inputs from weird topics.

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