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Crime / Drama / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 32%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
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Liam Neeson as Ben Ryan
Meryl Streep as Dr. Carolyn Ryan
Edward Furlong as Jacob Ryan
Paul Giamatti as Courtroom Audience
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Reviewed by Filipe Neto 4 / 10

A reasonable but predictable melodrama with bad characters.

In this film, a typical middle-class couple tries to cover up what they think is a homicide, after their son runs away without saying anything. Actors' work is consistent, but characters are so clich├ęd and annoying that it's hard to like them. Meryl Streep plays the good and naive mother, always in the shadow of her husband in a relationship that seems sexist and artificial. She is the portrait of the obedient housewife who does what the husband wants. I understand that the film is from the nineties, but even then there were other ideas about the role of women in the family. Liam Neeson is an impulsive and even violent father, whom its almost impossible to like, even though he shows that he likes his son and tries to protect him. Finally, Edward Furlong plays the teenager in revolt at who bad things happen, the idiot who dated a promiscuous girl who slept with anyone who appeared without pants in front of her. Ah, I almost forgot Alfred Molina, who played a lawyer who would be better off selling vacuum cleaners than in a courtroom. In short, it's a deep and engaging melodrama, but it makes the mistake of being totally predictable, like a TV movie.

Reviewed by fouregycats 3 / 10

Not Credible, a Low Point for Neeson and Streep

A well-off family suffers a crisis when their teenaged son is accused of killing a girl he was dating.

The plot develops as expected, with the police suspicions wearing away at the parents' denial, especially the father's.

I found the film's dialogue annoying, the characters unlikable, and I was totally surprised that Streep and Neeson would appear in it.

Not recommended unless there's nothing else to watch or you don't mind watching a film while in a state of continual annoyance.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

annoying family

Ben (Liam Neeson) and Dr. Carolyn Ryan (Meryl Streep) are a regular couple until Martha Taverner is killed. Sheriff Fran Conklin (Daniel von Bargen) tells them that their son Jacob (Edward Furlong) was dating Martha and the last one to see her. Ben refuses to let Conklin search the car without a warrant. Ben finds bloody clothes in the trunk of the car and decides to burn it. Family friend Wendell Bye (John Heard) is their lawyer. Jacob goes on the run while the town turns against the family. Inquisitive daughter Judith Ryan (Julia Weldon) struggles with the family turmoil. Jacob is arrested and they hire criminal defense lawyer Panos Demeris (Alfred Molina).

Carolyn's relentless naivety is kind of annoying. I understand that's the character but it is annoying nevertheless. While she's clueless, he's completely unstable. He's doing stuff that makes no sense. I find these parents annoying when they're trying desperately to be the Cleavers. It's horribly melodramatic like a bad TV movie. This family keeps making stupid mistakes and I can't root for them. Edward Furlong is fully into his angry teenage years. It doesn't even allow for a mystery. The kid tells his parents the truth but tells his lawyer a fabrication. That makes no sense. It's like they don't understand legal privilege which is annoying because they seem to be educated people.

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