Bees Make Honey


Comedy / Drama / Mystery / Romance

IMDb Rating 4.4 10 145


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Alice Eve as Honey
Hermione Corfield as Tatiana
Trevor Eve as Commissioner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jesskayfem 8 / 10

English wit and great female lead

Alice Eve is underrated I feel. She is clearly such a movie star when you watch this. She was strong and sexy without falling into traditional female traps written by men. I think it was her brother who wrote this? Great if they are related. It's super fast paced. Music was seriously cool. Would watch with friends again.

Reviewed by stephenk-16596 8 / 10

Fun genre flick

Obviously no drag queens or indie music in 1930's... ??? Think you might be missing the point dude. I think it's a cool new take on a fun film noir theme. Loved the music! Think everyones missing the point. I thought it was fun to watch. Just for that I'm giving it an 8. It's clearly a genre flick. Good job from first time director.

Reviewed by lylesarah 9 / 10

Hilarious with a strong female lead - loved!

Alice Eve's Honey is witty and cool and the story centres around her. This Honey doesn't use sex or violence to get what she wants, she uses her guile and cunning. I liked the rock n roll aspect to it. Me and my girlfriends had fun watching it on our girls night. LOVE Hermione Corfield!

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