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Brendan Fraser as Elliot
Elizabeth Hurley as The Devil
Bonnie Somerville as Girl at Beer Garden
Frances O'Connor as Alison / Nicole
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8 / 10

'George Of The Jungle' Meets Satan

Here's a fun film with a number of good laughs. It is stupid? Yeah, in parts. Is the theology sound? Hardly, but there was more truth than fiction uttered in this film, believe it or not. Is the Devil made to look attractive? Well, yeah, I'd say Elizabeth Hurley is pretty attractive!

The beginning is the best part of the film, and the end - with a dumb New Age message - is the worst. Along the way, the dumb Brendan Fraser's "Elliott Richards" learns some valuable lessons in his battle with the Devil. For selling his soul, so to speak, he gets seven wishes and we witness how he handles, or mishandles, these wishes. Much of it is pretty funny. Fraser is not a bad. He can play these goofy roles (i.e. "George Of The Jungle" and he can get serious and be effective, too, as in "The Quiet American.")

Overall, it's good lightweight entertainment. Don't expect much, and you'll be pleasantly surprised. At least, that's the way I found it.

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 5 / 10

A below average comedy

A lonely employee at a software company, avoided by his colleagues due to his character and way of life, meets a very attractive woman who convinces him that she can grant 7 wishes. After accepting the deal, his life is turned upside-down, almost every wish of his becoming pretty soon a living nightmare, in his desperate attempt of winning the heart of a girl he likes. As everything in life has a price, he's going to find out that eventually he must pay for his wishes and tries to revert the contract.

It's a plot which overall sounds very interesting and appealing, but as you're about to find out, badly executed. The main actor acts as a retarded schoolboy and with every wish he has, he's put into very embarrassing situations from which he doesn't seem to understand anything. Instead of being funny and entertaining, it gets dull, boring and loses interest right from the beginning. Unfortunately for me, the finale isn't good either. Although pretty unpredictable in a way, it doesn't do much to save the overall impression of this movie which is not to be seen by anyone, regardless of reasons.

It had a good idea but as it happens with many films, especially comedies, it fails miserably when it comes to putting it into action. Maybe a different cast could have helpedÂ…

Reviewed by richspenc 7 / 10

A few amusing parts but a couple dumb parts too

There are good, a few bad scenes, and some copying from other films. Brendan is someone here who at first I wondered why he was such an outcast at work, but I started to see why after a few scenes. His co workers are definitely snobs but I started to see that when you're the kind of person who just cannot take a hint, and you keep leeching on to people no matter what they say, they will grow to dislike you. Also true in today's society that if you're always too cheerful and nice all the time, sadly people will start looking at that as bad. You need to show that you can sometimes be grumpy, critical, and a little bit of a jerk occasionally (just not too much) as well as happy and nice to make a whole picture look good to people on the social front. Brendan was also a doormat, and that's not good either.

Brendan meets Elizabeth Hurly at a bar after being scorned by his co workers (seriously, I would've told them to go to hell if they kept treating me like that) and after failing to attract Alison, the girl he's been yearning for who has not been yearning for him back. Hurly is, bum bum bum bum, the devil, with a card to match. We get the whole charade of Brendan not believing her at first, her little visual tricks, and the sample wish, the big mac and coke ("I even had to pay for it", Brendan whined) to start convincing him, then we get the contract and seven wishes speech (of course she doesn't mention then that one of the wishes has already been used up, the big mac and coke. That revelation comes later, with Brendan not taking it too well). Branden gets to work on his wishes and we get the twist of every wish coming with a big problem. There is a definite copying of both the 1960s version of Bedazzled and Twilight zone episode "Man in a bottle". The first wish is wishing to be rich, when is that not someone's first wish in a wishing movie. The Columbian drug lord was a nice touch, the film makers in that scene did a good job making Brendan look like a different kind of person, and taller. The wish has him married to Alison, but her not exactly turning out happy about it and cheating on him to be with suave jerk Raul. Wouldn't any hot Hispanic girl pick Raul over him over Raul. Then Raul takes over the business and orders Brendan killed. Brendan barely escapes out of that wish with his life. The ultra sensitive guy wish scene was hilarious, with the way he cried harder every time he saw that sunset ("when is that darn thing gonna set!?"). This scene (and the ending with Alison ditching the crybaby to hook up with the beach jocks) again goes with my point that a girl will like a nice sensitive guy if he has a limit to it and can sometimes be a bit of a jerk, and tough. I liked the inbetween wishes scenes with Brendan and Hurley. I liked the scene right after the sensitive guy wish with him pointing out to her that he sees how she's ruining his wishes, the lines from Hurly in the scene where she's an exceptionally easygoing teacher, the scene in Alison's bedroom (Hurly to Brendan: "this is a place you would've never seen without my help"), and the scenes where they're arguing about how many wishes are left, and then where they're arguing about the last wish. There were a few not very good scenes though, such as the basketball wish (with Brendan flying through the air like that. Please. And his protrusive sweating was gross. And he says "you gotta give 110%" too many times.), the articulate wealthy guy scene is OK until the ending with the gay partner, and the Abraham Lincoln wish was stupidly made (Brendan looked ridiculous as Lincoln). That president wish was copied from Twilight zone "Man in a bottle" where the main character became Hitler (the character of that episode looked ridiculous as Hitler). There's also a copy from "Oh God, you devil" with Brendan going into the church and wanting to talk to God, the actual person, and then getting in trouble being considered crazy. "Bedazzled" all in all though was OK.

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