Becoming Jane


Action / Biography / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 51497


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James McAvoy as Tom Lefroy
Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen
Maggie Smith as Lady Gresham
Helen McCrory as Mrs. Radcliffe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gunes bayir 6 / 10

Loved to learn about Jane

This movie could be better, although second half compensates. It's a little puzzling in the beginning, since there were many characters, and relations between them are not reflected enough in detail. Those scenes might have been slightly longer to grab the viewer, I think. Comparably, second half is thrilling, with less and focused characters.

Lefroy (James McAvoy)'s acting is very good. He knows how to show the emotion he likes like he did in Split. For Anne Hathaway, I watched her many times, and this is not the best of her.

In overall, this is a good summary of how Jane Austen came up with Pride and Prejudice.

Reviewed by John Hancock 1 / 10

This movie is a joke

What's the least productive way to waste your time if you like period movies? Watching a Jane Austen movie. What's the worst thing you can do next to going through an excruciating series of chores? Watching Becoming Jane. This movie reflects exactly why Austen became the overrated author she is, the reason why all of her characters seldom have any difficulty leading their prosperous lives. Being in financial difficulty, her family endeavors to convince her to marry a wealthy gentleman called Mr. Wisley, although she falls in love with Tom, a humble, yet honest lawyer with a bad reputation. Jane is stuck between choosing a perfect and rich life, and true love, the movie keeps swinging between the two relationships, but Jane follows her heart and grows fond of the poor lawyer who could be a perfect match for her, but at the end, she abruptly chooses the rich guy she NEVER gave a damn about, save for her financial troubles, in poor words, she ruins the message of the entire movie, and her life, by turning it from "follow your heart" to "who cares about it, just get married with money". Quite an unforgettable life lesson, right? I'm pointing my finger to the abundant English teachers who praise Austen as an author, and a human being. Austen taught girls that life should be weighed solely on money before Disney even taught them that the only for a girl way to change a man's life is by making use of their only available asset, their sexuality. Austen doesn't go against the flow, she pretends to, but at the end of the day embraces the social norms without providing any effort to display any agency whatsoever. She's clearly a mockery compared to female authors who truly contributed to FEMINISM like Charlotte Brontë, and doesn't deserve any respect. Austen is the mother of silly rom-coms, and that's all there's to it. Boring, dull, predictable rom-com plot. I still don't get why she's widely known in the world, despite being one of the worst authors I have ever read, and the worst female author for sure.

Reviewed by Hager Ahmed 4 / 10

Superficial and tasteless

I can't say that I actually know much about Jane Austen, but I know quite well that she was an honorable English novelist that has left a great mark, and that's why I was expecting much more than what I've experienced in the movie. A movie about such a great writer, I think, should be more dramatic, sophisticated and elegant. There is no enough emotion or monologue in the movie to get the viewer into the character as in any other touching biography. In contrary, the movie is a kind of prosaic for me and humorous in a bad way. It would have been better if it was more deep and sentimental as for an admired writer. Personally I don't think that this is an appropriate biography for a remarkable writer; it did not enrich me, and sadly the movie is just light, tasteless, superficial and a kind of disappointment.

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