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Mena Suvari as Elyse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by acompton-58309 10 / 10


A film with a huge heart. I cried several times ... reinvention is never easy, and anyone can relate to the things these characters struggle with as they reevaluate their lives and experience their authentic selves for the first time.

Reviewed by alexthesundancekid 8 / 10

Inspiring movie

As a lover of cinema, I watch any film I can. I often find them all excellent concerning what I absorb and learn from the people responsible for making them, but the movies that move the floor for me are the best and make the experience of watching stories one of the most beautiful and positive in life. Becks is one of those films, an incredible true story about a young musician struggling with heartbreak and being a gay. Overall, a relatable story for all of those going through rough paths, artists, musicians, and people living life to the fullest. The cast is a fantastic power force in the story, led by the talented Lena Hall and Mena Suvari from one of my favorite films ever, American Beauty. Becks is a must watch if you are into indie films with a fantastic script and performances that will leave you breathless throughout the whole movie. Recommended if you want to be inspired! It's hard to find a film nowadays that stays in your mind for weeks after you watch it. Becks is one of those movies. The story, the fantastic true story about a young musician who deals with heartbreak and abandoning her career as a response to this unfortunate event. I think most of you who have a dream and a purpose in life will find this movie inspiring, relatable, and worth your time!

Reviewed by mrd-84818 8 / 10

Loved it!!!

Becks follows the story of an up and coming musician who suffers a tough break after catching her girlfriend cheating on her, and eventually ends up moving back home to live with her mother. I think what really cemented in my love for this movie is how this film portrays love. I liked that this film highlighted what real genuine love looks like, while also maintaining the realities of a complicated romance. I think what I liked most about this film though is the writing. Throughout this movie there were so many hilarious one liners, I honestly couldn't even keep track of how many times I physically laughed out loud at the dialogue of the characters, especially the banter that takes place between Becks and her old friend Dave! The writers of this film definitely knocked it out of the part when it came to raunchy yet subtle bits of humor in this film.

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