Beauty and the Beast


Action / Family / Fantasy / Musical / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 197899


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Emma Watson as Belle
Ewan McGregor as Lumière
Dan Stevens as Beast
Luke Evans as Gaston
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ana (anagabrielavegas) 4 / 10


I do not have words to describe this movie. I rated 4 stars for the actors and little good things in the movie. So bad.

Reviewed by proud_luddite 8 / 10

Far more than I expected

A live-action/CGI remake of the 1991 animated musical: Belle (Emma Watson) is an intelligent outcast in her provincial town, pursued by the egomaniacal Gaston (Luke Evans). Across the dangerous woods is a beast (Dan Stevens) who lives in a castle in which he used to be a prince.

Speaking of outcasts, I feel like one myself in my assessments of this modern film and its predecessor. I believe the current film is superior to the earlier one. I found the animated version admirable but over-rated. This goes against the consensus on two counts.

One of the improvements in the current version is in the characterization of LeFou (Josh Gad), Gaston's sidekick. Much is made of the fact that the modern LeFou is gay and infatuated with Gaston. While this bold move is admirable enough, the better move is erasing the plight of the older version of LeFou who was sadistically used as a punching bag for the bullying (and much bigger) Gaston. The previous use of schadenfreude doesn't quite appeal to an audience's better instincts.

Director Bill Condon clearly knows how to make musicals great. (The superb "Dreamgirls" (2006) is evidence of this.) Even while being fully aware of the storyline, there is still an excitement and energy for the viewer in this film. Condon has been blessed with a great team particularly those involved with the set design, make-up, visual effects, cinematography, and costumes. In addition, a few new songs have been added to the great ones of the original.

Condon is also blessed with a great cast. Stevens does a fine job conveying the beast's rage as well as the inner-torment hiding behind it. Watson is good too though she could have shown more expression during the film's climax. Even in a small role, Emma Thompson still manages to raise the bar - this time as a talking teapot.

The exciting finale is so joyous, it can lift anyone to the clouds. No wonder this movie is such a box-office blockbuster.

Reviewed by Eye_MD_B 5 / 10

The deep massage was watered down in order to make money by selling mainstream

I give the movie half the points for great effects and performances (which is no surprise by all the money poured into it), but I take away the other half because I do agree with Shlomo (anand)'s review that the moral of this Story is to marry for money without caring for the poor.

The story originally meant to teach us to look beyond appearance and superficiality to give true love a chance. But in these days the values of capitalism are so indoctrinated into us that it of course must be a rich guy - the value of all those ugly entrepreneurs who pick up chicks by buying them into a state of disguised prostitution.

The ugliness is of course prettified by giving the "beast" an exotic animal look which still agrees much more with us than a real facial deformity would do, so the message is watered down into saying: If you are flexible enough to bend to his fetish (in his case literally "bestiality"), you will be rewarded with money and thereafter can buy yourself all the recognition you want to.

Disney, Pixar and Holywood are money machines designed to sell us the dreams we like, so they never will go to an extreme which could antagonise the masses. I guess, someone who searches for more meaningful messages better searches elsewhere.

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