Beast of Burden


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chum griffin 2 / 10

Beast of Boredom

The plot is simplistic, the dialogue is the same, the acting just so so.. Whoever convinced Daniel that sitting in a cockpit of a plane for most of a movie would be riveting viewing should be fired. It was boring , silly, and the end of the movie just hammered the final nail into this utterly disappointing attempt at a thriller. Do not waste your time even out of curiosity.

Reviewed by Suziesworld 3 / 10

Waste of Time!

This movie caught my eye plainly because I am always curious to see what Daniel Radcliffe is up to and what rolls he is choosing to do. This movie, in my opinion is beneath him. Actually, I think this movie is beneath any actor wanting to expand their art of acting.

Don't waste your time on this movie. The plot is lame and the acting is not believable whatsoever.

I rated this movie a 3 simply because I finished it. Of course, I was doing another activity at the same time. If you choose to do that, just look up occasionally, you will still know what is going on simply by listening to it.

Reviewed by nebk 5 / 10

Mediocre Burden

Daniel Radcliffe stars in Beast Of Burden, a movie about a dishonorably discharged Air Force pilot (Sean Haggerty) who is flying a Cessna filled with contraband from Mexico and into the USA. It becomes apparent early on that while he is flying for a Mexican drug cartel he is also cooperating with the DEA who offered him a spot in the witness protection program and funding for the medical treatment of his wife who is seriously ill. This is basically the premise of the movie even though the plot thickens when the landing plans are changed and the DEA wants to intercept the shipment.

Most of the movie occurs in the cockpit of the Cessna and with Haggerty receiving phone calls from his wife, his cartel contact and the agent he is working for. Whilst the movie was promising in the beginning it starts dragging half way through and becomes less believable near the end. At times the movie tries to resemble Locke (with Tom Hardy) but the material here is not engaging enough to continue throughout the whole film. The ending takes the movie down even further and it appears very lazily written with a tied hostage left alone in the vehicle, driving herself, escaping her kidnappers and then helping her husband. The acting by Radcliffe is fine but the rest of the cast is not really memorable as they have no real screen time or character. Overall a weak 5/10.

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