Beach Rats



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bayamon_Hill 5 / 10

A film that exploits the sadness of the closet

It is a little shocking to see this movie in 2017. The desperate situation that the writer/director creates for her character as entertainment is so dark and frankly, cruel, that it offends me as someone who lived/lives with that desperation. Frankie is a typical street kid from Brooklyn in many ways. He and his crew don't have much to do, so they go to Coney Island and take prescription drugs to create mild entertainment. He's atypical in that he's capable of being pleasant and respectful, when necessary. He's also gay in a world designed for straight bros, and he lives out that part of his life on a hook-up chat website. This set-up is straight from a gay 1990's movie, when the AIDS epidemic was winding down and being gay was scary - queer films reflected that back then. Like those tragic movies of yesteryear, Frankie becomes more and more isolated by his choices and actions. He finds himself alienated from his friends, his family, his straight girlfriend, his potential boyfriends and himself. And then the movie ends. The writer/director is a straight woman whose artistic decisions amount to having a character put in a glass box that is slowly filling with water just to see what happens. It's cruel. I think the problem is that as gayness is more socially acceptable as a topic for film, straight people feel empowered to tell those stories but their conception of gayness is from the 1990's. "Brokeback Mountain", "Moonlight" and "Beach Rats" are all straight people's assessments of gay life, and man are they bleak.

Reviewed by Varun Bhargava 6 / 10

Reality even in 2018.

The movie quite accurately depicts what closeted boys do and go through.. Acceptability in society is kept above self and for good. Fear of rejection by friends is quite what the character depicts and chooses not to accept himself as he is. Even when in company of a gay man, fears what might happen if he accepts the truth.

The ending however is a bit abrupt. Great concept but not so good execution..

Reviewed by eyeswallow 8 / 10

Harris Dickinson Carries the film.

I totally believed and attached to the character played by Dickinson... a role where not talking is probably more important than having dialogue. I must agree that the film lacked an ending - like the production ran out of money and had to stop? I have learned that one can not give much attention to KEY TAG LINES, by users? They are always deceiving about 'moral' things (exagerated). In this film, for instance, while Harris Dickinson was the real 'eye candy' if there was, not a lot of 'graphic frontal nudity'... other lesser characters had moments, but in today's standards, nothing gratuitous (it fit in telling the story). Might have like more of Dickinson nude, than others, since his character was pleasing to see and the story is about him. At any rate, he is certainly an actor to watch for - even in the nude.

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