Beach Rats



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Varun Bhargava 6 / 10

Reality even in 2018.

The movie quite accurately depicts what closeted boys do and go through.. Acceptability in society is kept above self and for good. Fear of rejection by friends is quite what the character depicts and chooses not to accept himself as he is. Even when in company of a gay man, fears what might happen if he accepts the truth.

The ending however is a bit abrupt. Great concept but not so good execution..

Reviewed by eyeswallow 8 / 10

Harris Dickinson Carries the film.

I totally believed and attached to the character played by Dickinson... a role where not talking is probably more important than having dialogue. I must agree that the film lacked an ending - like the production ran out of money and had to stop? I have learned that one can not give much attention to KEY TAG LINES, by users? They are always deceiving about 'moral' things (exagerated). In this film, for instance, while Harris Dickinson was the real 'eye candy' if there was, not a lot of 'graphic frontal nudity'... other lesser characters had moments, but in today's standards, nothing gratuitous (it fit in telling the story). Might have like more of Dickinson nude, than others, since his character was pleasing to see and the story is about him. At any rate, he is certainly an actor to watch for - even in the nude.

Reviewed by reconditered 2 / 10

The Most Pretentious Film I've Ever Seen!

This was the most pretentious movie that I have ever seen in my entire life! The protagonist is a young man who has no job, no education that we know of, is fighting against his sexual desires to be with other men, and has a group of friends that seemingly only like him due to his drug supply. As he has sexual experiences with other men, the audience suspects that he may embrace a gay sexual identity. However, he states that he doesn't identify himself as gay, and when he is with his friends, he portrays the gay video chat site as a way that he scores weed. After he and his thug friends rob Jeremy on the beach, I was hoping that they'd all end up in prison, or at the very least, the mother would throw Frankie out on the street. Throughout the film, we didn't learn anything about Frankie, his friends, his ill father, his mother, or his sister. This film starts out like Frankie is going to go on a journey to learn about himself, yet in the end, his life is just like the fireworks; it's the same thing all the time. After watching this film, I almost feel like the filmmakers were using Frankie's ambiguous sexuality as a mere ploy to garner attention and make their film appear to be much deeper and cutting edge than it actually is. All in all, I find it incredibly insulting and offensive to the entire LGBTQ community that this drivel won 7 awards!

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