Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome


Action / Sci-Fi

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Tricia Helfer as Humanoid Cylon
Luke Pasqualino as William Adama
Ty Olsson as Osiris Helmsman
John Pyper-Ferguson as Xander Toth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lee-502 8 / 10

Caprica was Awesome, and this could have been

Caprica was Awesome, and this could have been, but fell a bit short in my opinion, but i would like to see it return.

Reviewed by danaigh 1 / 10

Super Cheesy

After watching Caprica this is quite a letdown. It seemed that half the movie was CGI, the other half top-gun-ish a boy and his machine.

Oh yeah, boys and girls shower together! Every adolescent boys' wet dream. Character development? Uh not really. If I recall correctly Uncle Scrooge comics of the 1950's had more of such.

But not to be a total loss, the CGI was rather good.

Reviewed by Mojo Jomo 6 / 10

Good, but in no-way deserving of a 9/10-star rating.

As a non 'fan-boy' of the series, although having seen the original series several times, I have only seen Razor, The Plan & Blood & Chrome of the new series - B & C being the most recent.

Frankly, I was not impressed, especially when compared to Razor. It suffers from some really juvenile script-writing, in fact the entire plot is a bit silly and unbelievable. On the one hand, we have the Cylon force, although capable of decimating an entire Resistance fleet, is then incapable of downing a single slow-as-hell bucket of a ship - all because of the remarkable flying prowess of our 'hero'. Who incidentally, is annoying as hell! Sure, he's supposed to be cocky, but it comes across as just poor acting.

The 'twist' at the end is equally unbelievable as well.

What really gets my goat is all the 9/10 star-ratings for this poorly written offering. It's pointless rating something like this as deserving 10-stars, as it masks what is truly good from a prospective viewers perspective. For instance, Razor is much better than B & C, yet these inflated reviews would have you believe that they are equally good. Even The Plan is much better than B & C, having a much more thought-provoking script - less CG graphics but a better story line overall.

So, while C & S is not a total loss, it is definitely sub-par in comparison and in no way deserving of 10-star reviews.

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