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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 34%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
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Rami Malek as Watch Officer
Jesse Plemons as Boatswain Mate Seaman Jimmy 'Ordy' Ord
Liam Neeson as Admiral Shane
Taylor Kitsch as Lieutenant Alex Hopper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yolomcswaging 7 / 10

A good, fun movie!

As this game is based of the world wide popular board game Battleship when I first watched this movie I was expecting it to be more strategy based. While I may not have gotten what I expected from the movie I was pleased with what I watched.

The plot is decent. Nothing for the writers to brag about or for anyone to rave about but it sure was decent. There were times when the writing seemed a little predictable and cliched but this moments come and gone quite quickly. All the scenes together connected well and progressed the story in some way. The introduction of the main character played by Taylor Kitsch seemed a bit rushed and didn't fit perfectly into how the rest of the movie played out. How it connected the land and sea and Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) and his fiancé Samantha Shane (Brooklyn Decker) seemed fleshed out and well developed. Some characters had short un-needed story that the run time could have been used for other characters but the development for the characters was fairly good not great for most to all of the characters.

The special effects and CGI in the movie are some of the best visuals from a movie that is not from one or two years ago. The CGI holds up today and I believe that it will for many years to come. If you want to see good CGI and CGI used well defiantly see this movie!

The acting ability from the cast was well done with good portrayals from Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard (Stone Hopper). The acting from the supporting characters was off sometimes which mostly came from the crew on board the ship. Good acting from supporting characters came from Liam Neeson (Admiral Shane) and suprisenly from Rihanna (Cora "Weps" Raikes). I was very surprised at Rihanna's acting and assumed it was going to be terrible but it was actually quiet good which made the movie that but more believable. Because of the acting from the cast it seemed that this scenario was believable real how humans would re-act.

The only part in the movie that had anything to do with the game which depicted two sides of humans fighting against each other compared to the movies aliens was the scene I like to call "Board Game Battleship". This scene had the crew guessing where the aliens were and launching missiles and torpedoes at them. This seen has you on the edge of your seat everytime you watch it and the lightning and music just add to the dramatic feel of the scene.

In conclusion this movie was decent. It did have a fair few flaws in it to do with the writing but the otherall movie was fun to watch and enjoyable. A sequel for this movie seems unlikely though and it will work better as a solo movie and not a franchise of sorts. Other all O rate it 7/10.

Reviewed by paskywarn 7 / 10


OK, this isn't the best science fiction / fight the invaders movie of all time. Probably not even close. But I found that it IS fun to watch and one of those you tend to watch again every now and then. Cannot give you a solid reason for this, and your mileage may vary.

Reviewed by ashsinghsisodia 8 / 10

Most engaging movie I saw, from beginning till the end!

I know people hated this movie a lot and I've gone through their negative reviews only to understand what on earth made that movie "boring", "stupid", "implausible" to them. That's despite the movie with so many facets the viewers could enjoy like valor, team spirit, brotherhood, fun and so on, along with the backdrop of sci-fi, alien invasion and navy might. Now the people who are complaining about this movie for various reasons that I couldn't really understand, are only because of their failure to understand the movie plot imo.

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