Battle for Skyark


Action / Adventure / Family / Sci-Fi

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Jada Facer as Ember
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by haggishunter-20026 1 / 10

A waste of your money and 85 minutes, simply outrageous

The worst film ever created an IMDb score of 2.8/10 which is too high. The title is the most misleading thing ever, Battle of which there are none, Skyark has no direct link to the film other than being thrown off it. The trailer ruins the whole film I'm sure you shouldn't do that in trailers but it was so poorly executed it doesn't matter. "Rags" is the main character from what I can gather however the story is so poorly written it's so hard to tell, Rags parents hated him they weren't poor they just named him Rags so it's understandable that he was thrown off. In the end Rags drinks some blue liquid and no it isn't Powerade he has seen that it makes you into a monster but drinks it anyway and then is SURPRISED when he turns into a monster. The cover of the film has no quotes as it's so bad, the acting is poor so there is no mention of the actors. The back claims the monsters are alien monsters when they're just other people. There is a short child who shows autistic traits, I was really happy when he died but he comes back, I wanted to die especially badly at that point. Overall this film is poorly executed. It is possible to make a good film on a small budget like "Paranormal Activity" however they completely messed that up. Don't waste your time on this film 85 minutes could be spent shopping or doing something you enjoy. I wouldn't rate this film as it doesn't deserve it.

Reviewed by phoenix21389 4 / 10

prebook review

this film feels like an adaptation of a semi-good young adult novel, a bad adaptation but an adaptation non the less, or a plot bunny for a fan-fiction. the past is fast, backstory:non, and quit frankly the writer would have been better off trying to write a novel rather than a script. I will admit the concept of the story is intriguing and kind of cliff-hanger like but still next time dude, try writing a book.

over all if your looking for inspiration or something so mind numbing dull to sober up with. I'd watch this, however if a book was written and more depth given, I'd read it.

I give it a 4 out of 10 for that alone.

Reviewed by Eyerobot 6 / 10

Not a bad watch at all.

The reviews said this was almost a terrible movie. But it wasn't. It is definitely a kids movie, However it is done very well, And in my opinion was as good as any other children's movie out there. IT didn't have the big budget effects of the ewoks, But the acting was really good. And it was surprisingly enjoyable.

I really have no complaints about the movie, It pushed it's budget to the limit, And the story line worked very well. While i would like to have seen more effects, I was not disappointed by the overall movie.

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