Battle Drone


Action / Sci-Fi

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Dominique Swain as Alexandra Hayes
Natassia Malthe as Valkyrie
Michael Paré as Karl Kess
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bettycjung 3 / 10

Terminator rip-off.

4/5/18. Not too bad for a Terminator rip-off. Enough action to keep you watching. However, don't expect to be mentally challenged by the plot.

Reviewed by mr-D-2 2 / 10

Disbelief can only be suspended so far.

To call this movie an awful piece of schlock would be generous. You have a group of mercenaries (the "heroes") who seem to have graduated from the Clint Eastwood school of "We Never Miss" vs. a group of combat androids who graduated from the CE school of "Our Weapons Never Need Reloading."

The heroes are composed of a token pretty girl who's a savant with a sniper rifle but an idiot about everything else (all she was missing was blond hair or a throwaway joke about dying it), a super ninja guy who fights only with knives, a shotgunner with all the depth of an empty coffee cup, a big russian who takes a fall off a four story building with several hundred pounds of android on top of him with no effect other than to make him take a nap for about the last third of the film, and an understated psychopath (in his exposition he reveals he was molested by a catholic priest as a kid, I'm guessing to justify how he's so nuts he makes the rest of the team fear for their own safety around him). They wind up being joined by a second token pretty girl - a CIA agent (with perfect makeup for a field mission) who naturally gets betrayed by her superiors.

The team is led by a former Army officer who seems to think he's Neo in that he carries a half-dozen pistols under his overcoat and just drops and draws when they run out, and he must have been an honors graduate from CE school because he can shoot out a satellite dish with a pistol from approximately half a mile away. He also has a backstory that's so cliche' I guessed it about two minutes into the film.

On the other side, we have your required evil general (who shares backstory with the leader of the heroes, naturally), an idiot CIA official, an arms dealer so awful that "douchebag" would be a step up for him, and a group of barely seen lackeys essentially playing a real life version of DOOM with VR gear and remote-controlled battle droids.

Oh, and this all takes place in Chernobyl, but never mind the inherent dangers of THAT.

The only way this film compares to "The A-Team" (and I mean the TV series) is the amount of undisciplined gunfire that doesn't hit anybody. The only way it compares to "The Expendables" is that nobody should have walked away.

I couldn't even find it in myself to give this thing a star for the eye candy or the special effects. Two stars for simply having the stones to spend money making a piece of drek like this.

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 3 / 10

Any comparison to Predator, the A-Team or the Expendables is an insult to either franchise.

This is the cheesy mess you get when a stuntman wants to become a writer and director. Stay a stuntman.

Mitch Gould's attempt to write and direct this film failed miserably. The only redeeming quality and the reason for a 3 and not a 1/10 is the concept of the story, and the fairly decent costumes of the 'drones'.

The dialogue was so cheesy, it made Louis Mandylor's character unbearable, as was his acting, and for that matter the rest of the cast. The blame for the acting failure goes primarily to the director for failing to direct his cast properly.

The slow-mo action scenes were also unbearable. This entire dragged out film was basically me watching a 5 year old play a video game and pause to change the viewing angles in slow motion. Right from the starting credits, I was hoping I wouldn't see any more of this cheesy directing, yet the film was full of it. Then you have the endless dragged-out gun fights of constant back and forth shooting where both sides just keep missing. Did a 5th grader write the screenplay? And what's with the western themed score?

Any comparison to Predator, the A-Team or the Expendables is an insult to either franchise.

I'm guessing either someones rich dad funded this mess or someone won a lottery - and wanted to become a filmmaker.

This film hurt to watch. Don't waste your time with it. A very generous 3/10 from me.

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