Batman: Year One


Action / Animation / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon
Katee Sackhoff as Detective Essen
Eliza Dushku as Selina Kyle
Ben McKenzie as Bruce Wayne / Batman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 7 / 10

Batman Year One: One of the best of its type

After a string of bad to mediocre Batman animations I went into this with very low expectations. Due to it's origin plot and short runtime perhaps no expectations at all.

Batman: Year One looks at how Batman, Catwoman & Commissioner Gordon came about and does it in a sombre drama style rather than traditional action packed superhero action.

With the voice talents of Bryan Cranston, Eliza Dushku and the late great Jon Polito everyone does a decent job and that includes the writers.

With plenty of DC alumni appearing during the films single hour duration this is certainly one of the best Batman animated outings.

Perhaps it should have been longer, perhaps Catwoman should have by all rights got more screentime and perhaps they could have done without the ridiculous bats scene!

Regardless this was a damn fine effort and I'd have liked to see more like this.

The Good:

Well written

Decent voice talents

A great toned down approach

The Bad:

Couple of dumb scenes

Cheating protagonist, again!

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

If I had Bruce Waynes money I'd likely be what he pretended to be to Gordon, but the hookers would have less fake tan

Reviewed by DCfan 4 / 10

Batman year one? I think you mean Commissioner Gordon year one

I saw this movie about two years ago and it wasn't that memorable, to be honest.

But I do remember that mainly focused on Commissioner Gordon's life as a cop and his life struggles because of his wife having a baby, him having an affair with a colleague at work and to putting an end to the Batman. The movie kinda had bad animation and I find it weird that Selina Kyle bearly has hair, a daughter and if I remember correctly a husband or a an agent who she ends up killing.

I must admit though in a scene where a swarm of Bats come in that reminded me of Batman Begins (See my review) when he is getting away with the cops.

I also think that Bryan Crayson, sorry if I missed spelt his name wrong, was a good voice for Jim Gordon.

Reviewed by OneEightNine Media 7 / 10


A solid animated film from back in the days when DC's animated films were DC 'a only saving grace. Fast forward to present time, everything to come out of DC's camp range from absolute garbage to near garbage. Their comics, live action films and animated films are pointless to watch. I don't even know why I still call myself a DC fan anymore. Anyway, the film is pretty enjoyable. The only thing I have a slight issue with is Batman/Bruce Wayne's voice, which is played by one of my favorite actors, Bryan Cranston. I'm sorry but Bryan sounds too old to be playing twenty something year old Batman, even back in 2011. Regardless, this is a must watch if you're into Batman.

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