Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 521434


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Jena Malone as Jenet Klyburn
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joaofreis-52845 2 / 10

Making Superman look like an idiot

I really wanted to like this movie, because Superman and Batman are two of my favorite superheroes, the first from my childhood, the second from my adolescence. And although Batman behaves like a crying baby until he finds out that Superman has a mother with the same name as his deceased mother, Superman behaves all through the movie as a perfect idiot: 1. when he fights Batman he could simply stop him from doing anything, and tell him what was going on... didn't he had the strength to do so ? 2. well, after being hit by a "smoking kryptonite bomb", he keeps attacking like a foul like Batman could not have another trick like that one... 3. he destroys more than he needs like not caring at all about the collateral damage... 4. when Luthor blackmails him, couldn't he just simply crush the guy bone by bone until he revealed his mother's whereabouts... (well it would be too easy, but this reveals a weak story anyway)... 5. on the final battle he stands way too much time near that kryptonite spear... probably because of that, his brain's probably stopped and he could not find any better solution than to fly directly to the monster on a body to body battle...and being as killed as he could...

So, Superman is treated like an idiot, but how about the offer of an entire spaceship and the mortal remains of General Zod to Luthor ? How idiot could that be? Yes, Luthor plans where created in a world where everyone is an idiot, and therefore, this could be more than a movie full of idiotic situations...

Not everything is bad: the visual effects deliver (without being stunning), and Ben Affleck and Jeremy Iron's performance are a bit better than the remaining (i could not say the same about the dreadful Jesse Eisenberg who seemed to try to repeat the Heath Ledger success on "The Dark Knight" (which was in my opinion, not worthy of all the hype and acclamation he got by then)...

This movie should be called : "Dawn of Idiotism"

Reviewed by shrithegreat 10 / 10

The most under-rated movie in my recent memory.

Accept it or not this was a gem created by the Snyder. Every scene in this movie teases you about the future of DCEU. It is a tightly packed movie with almost every conversation between characters helps in the character development and teasing us about the future.

After some years this movie will definitely set a bench mark for Superhero movies, even though it has some minute errors regarding the plot.

Many complaining about the tone of the movie but unfortunately that is how DC is differentiated from Marvel. DC will give us ground to earth reality in the fictional world on the other hand Marvel gives us entertainment. If DC make lighter movies as of Marvel we will hate DC saying that they copied Marvel. If they made movies as of now, with serious and darker tone the haters are complaining about the tone. Believe me, no person in the world, it doesn't matter how much powerful he is, will crack jokes in the middle of war.

This is how a movie has to be, instead of just accepting the existence of super movies, which will never happen in real world, this movie debated the whole concept of existence of super heroes mainly Superman.

As far Superman is considered he is the most physically powerful character, then the only way to make him suffer is to break him mentally and psychologically, that what Zack has done. On the other hand Batman was already broken man with the death of Robin in the hands of Joker and realized "the world makes sense only if we force it".

And major issue everyone complaining about is Martha. Batman didn't stopped killing Superman because both of their mother's have same name. The reason behind it is he figured out that even Superman , the alien, have the human mother when makes him realize that superman is also human. And sees his helpless situation during his parents murder in the Superman who is pleading to save his mother. And the name Martha just acted as a catalyst.

Some are complaining that is not Batman V Superman just Batman and Superman, actually it is ideology of Batman V ideology of Superman, not the ultimate gladiator fight. This ideological differences between "the son of krypton" and "the bat of gotham" is going to resonate and echoed in the future DCEU movies which is clearly shown "Knightmare" sequence where The Flash warned Bruce about the coming disaster with the heel turn of Superman due to the death of Lois Lane.

The music department lead by Hans Zimmer has done a fantastic job. The music defines the darkest zones of the Batman and Superman characters and the intensity in every scene especially the Wonder Woman scene.

If Warner Bros. wouldn't have involved in the way of Snyder, and let him release the 3 hour cut this movie would have easily crossed 1 billion mark and would have been a great start for the DCEU.

Reviewed by rupak_speaking 5 / 10

Way Over-Rated - Waste Of A Good Sunday Evening...

So much for a buildup and what you get is a still unconvincing reason for a matchup to happen between these two maverick superheroes. The buildup keeps happening and happening throughout out three quarter of the movie and what you finally get is a mere kidnapping of Mr Superman's rearer mother to fight with Mr Bat and a namesake for Gotham's protector to realise his mistake, ohhh, what a masterful plot !!! They keep watching these forced plots with such amaze and keep giving acceptable ratings to mislead neutral viewers like me. And I am not a particular fan of Ben Affleck, and even more so of him as Mr Wayne, so it was an even more no-no for me. Was it left for Ms Wonder Woman to rescue this movie or an eternally unimpressive Amy Adams to arrange an understanding or was I left wondering who copied whose mannerisms, one Mr Shahrukh Khan from Bollywood, India, mimicking Jesse Eisenberg or Mr Eisenberg mimicking him as Lex Luthor ! Way rated high this one as most of Hollywood superhero flicks are these days, 5/10 at most for leaving me at my wit's end to make out as to why I wasted my good 3 hours of a Sunday evening watching this !

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