Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman


Action / Animation / Crime / Mystery / Romance / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Kelly Ripa as Rocky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 4 / 10

Batman Mystery of the Batwoman: Double meh with a side order of fries

Before the real Batwoman became part of the DC universe we had the Mystery of The Batwoman where Batman discovers a new vigilante and being the worlds greatest detective sets about trying to identify her.

The antagonist? The Penguin and a special guest appearance by Bane who is just beyond ridiculous. I can never take him seriously with a hispanic accent and that mask, yeesh! That should have pushed it up to a 15 by itself!

This is clearly aimed at fans of the original Batman television series and appears very much the same, with a less grumpy than usual Batman, a very young Robin and a non-broody family friendly vibe.

One for fans of the television series only I'd say.

The Good:

The "Mystery" pay off is quite good

The Bad:

Penguin looks weird, almost as if he's animated differently

Bane looks like he's come straight from a BDSM club

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

I want one of Penguins umbrellas

Reviewed by DCfan 8 / 10


This is not my favorite Batman animated movie but at least it has more updated animation and has good music in the movie considering it was annoying in the end credits.

One thing that still remains to be answered is that did Bane survive the explosion on the fairy boat?

But overall good movie.

Reviewed by amiranda-39274 10 / 10

Geez Leweez its a woman. I love this Movie!

This movie is very nostalgiac to me and my siblings, and we try to watch it whenever we can, because we love it so much, however i will try to be unbias in this review. First this movie is AWESOME! During the period of the first straight to DVD batman movies, each one was created to be vastly entertaining, memorable and close to perfection. This movie uses the batman 4th season art, which is more smoother than the first season, and i think it helps the animation to be way more fluid in this movie. Batman is still played by the amazing Kevin Conroy, and tim drake is the robin in this film, i always kind of saw them as brothers, just based on their dialogue. Bat woman is awesome! shes played by kyra sedgewick, has a great design ( Always did like the silver instead of red and black), and is hilariously snarky and witty. Batmans asks her " who are you why are you doing this?", her response, ' your the great detective, figure it out!", i love all her lines. The best part is the mystery,batman actually has a hard time, and is given 3 very probable suspects, the first is the new latina detective on the force named Sonia,the second is the clumsy but cool scientist,rocky, and last is the snarky, halle berry clone, Kathy, who is the daughter of one of the villains, and actually starts a interesting relationship with batman. Batman is a player! Each has great motivations to be bat woman, and batman spends time watching each of them. And then the greatest plot twist I've seen in all of batman ( except the joker reveal), is that bat woman is all 3 of them at separate times! That still kind of blows me away. The villains are a now legal penguin, who has a very classy iceberg lounge now ( one day i would love to have my own lounge like it), but still secretly does illegal things. There are 2 mob bosses, one is Kathy's father and is played Kevin Micheal Richardson, and the other is Rupert thorne ( who i didn't find too interesting but after watching him in the original series, i like him more), and they hire bane to fight bat woman, his voice is really good in this version, i tried to make my own Spanish accent sound like his a couple of times. The fights are jaw dropping, the final fight between batman and bane at the end is far better than the one in rise of the dark night. i didn't really like that batman is trying to stop bat woman simply because shes a vigilante, after all hes one too, even though he works with the police and she is a far more brutal vigilante...i guess i made my point. The music has this spy like theme, and is kind of jazzy, which makes me feel like this is in the 20's or something, but is very likable, and whats probably the best song I've ever heard in an animated movie, is a underrated song called Betcha Neva by Cherie, who is shown singing it in penguins lounge, my siblings and i would watch that scene and the end credits a hundred times, because its just that good, and is very nostalgic for us now. i am well aware many people think this movie could have been just an episode but i disagree, this movie not only has a very mature and involving plot, but you seriously cant tell who bat woman is, because she has a separate voice from the other women, she even maintains a single personality throughout, the animation is wonderful, the soundtrack i adore, the dialogue is witty,and most importantly as a kid, this movie helped me to learn to respect non-super powered women, and see that they are equally capable of being bad-ass, for a cartoon meant for boys, this is a very valuable lesson. if this isn't reason enough to buy this movie, there is a bonus episode/music video called Chase me, starring cat woman and batman with this really jazzy music, that you will just love. This is my #3 favorite batman movie, and i recommend everyone to watch it.

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