Batman: Gotham Knight


Action / Animation / Crime / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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David McCallum as Alfred Pennyworth
Alanna Ubach as Dander
Gary Dourdan as Crispus Allen
Parminder Nagra as Cassandra
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DCfan 7 / 10

6 story's in one movie

This movie was very great it has everything you need to know before the Dark Knight came out.

I liked the fact that this movie had 6 segments and was based on one movie I am going to review each of them individually:

Have I got a story for you: This segment is about four kids making up stories on how they met Batman. But when the man in black attacks them one of them gets the credit. Overall a good segment. 7/10

Crossfire: This segment is about Jim Gordon assigning two of his cops to transport Jacob Fleey to jail. Which ends up in a crossfire with them and a gang which Batman defeats. Overall a great segment. 8/10

Field Test: I don't remember much of this segment apart from them playing golf. Worst segment. 3/10

In Darkness Dwells: This segment is about Batman rescuing a holy man from scarecrow with the help of the police. The voice of the Scarecrow was a miscast but a great segment. 7/10

Working Through Pain: This segment starts off at a gruesome point where Bruce is in India and he is patching up a wounded man. But later on, he gets help from a woman called Casandra to help him through his pain. Overall great segment. 7/10

Deadshot: Finally this is the best segment in the film. This one is about Batman stopping Deadshot from a crime. The best scene was when he and Batman were fighting on a train. 10/10

Overall this was a great film with a great cast of voice actors and good anime/animation style. It looked like if the anime style for Death Note and the animation from Batman the animated series got mixed into a paint mixture and made the animation for this film. I would say watch this instead of the current DC animated films we have got. (New 52 movies)

My overall score on this film 7/10

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 8 / 10

Ahhhhh, it is so nice to just sit back, forget about what ever may be ailing you, and enter into an animated dreamland with the Dark Knight of Gotham. This is a series of well done short animated (anime') stories which are easy to follow, quite pleasant and most interestingly provide a different type of the Batman. The film opens up with three (3) skateboarders not only trying to one-up each other at their favorite skateboard park, but with their individual stories of how they met the anime' Batman. As each skateboarder tells their own story of what happened to them when they needed the Batman's help, each of their stories becomes more interactive and The Batman anime' is gradually introduced to us so that we know what to expect from the subsequent story lines.

The animation is great, the short stories wonderfully written, these individual stories are not filled with longer than needed fight scenes (as in some films the CGI fight scenes are so long that I tend to walk away and see what is available in the fridge, and then I still have time for a bio break while some of these fight scenes drag on and on), and then no sooner does the short story end when we see our favorite animated hero tackle another short story villain.

I really enjoyed Batman: Gotham Knight so I rated it an 8 out of 10 score. Great job!!!

Reviewed by tankace 6 / 10

I don't really like it.

Batman: Gotham Knight is short stories centered to cover the gap between Batman Begins and Dark Knight and how he became a staple it Gothams life. It is a nice idea and the stories are quite interesting, but I didn't really like it for I found it kind a broken feature and I didn't get interested to what was happening.

My main problem was the animation ,it was too like anime and at times it was very ugly and I was thinking "This film was made in a harry and they didn't had the change to make it better". Now, to be honest the animation isn't all bad in every story, in two or three of them it is actually very nicely made. Especially in the story with featuring Deathshoot is it spot on and that put though in to my brain like "Why didn't they made that part longer?".

My main concern in the end was that this flick was more just filler time between the feature films and not a creative attempt to add more mythology in to the newly formed Dark Knight series!

In conclusion if you liked ,good for you. I personally was unable to get to the premise.

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