Batman: Gotham by Gaslight


Action / Adventure / Animation / Crime / Fantasy / History / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 6633


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Jennifer Carpenter as Selina Kyle
Scott Patterson as James Gordon
Kari Wuhrer as Barbara Gordon / Pamela Isley
Tara Strong as Marlene Mahone / Tim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by James Wright 7 / 10

Smoke & Mirrors

How much you like this film will definitely depend on how much you are into the Victorian/Steampunk aesthetic, as well as the murder mystery genre in general. There is definitely nothing bad to report about this movie, it is a decent little crime noir set in the early 1900s.

If there is a problem it is that it has no connection to the greater Batman/DC animated universe and could easily not be a Batman film at all, since outside of the character names themselves there is little to link the two. Batman only vaguely 'Batmans' outside of some grappling-hook action and minor detecting. It is certainly not one for those who like outlandish superhero action.

Overall if you see this as a short murder mystery there is little to be disappointed by here, and if you crave a more down-to-earth Batman then this will be great for you. In my opinion you might as well just watch something like Zorro or Lone Ranger, or any other masked vigilante that Batman was based on as for me its 'back to basics' tone is just a little too basic, but it is certainly a matter of personal opinion in this regard.

Reviewed by cruzwindt-46534 5 / 10

It's a decent movie, not a fantastic movie

I enjoyed the movie, but it was poorly made, much like twilight it's about vampires without nothing that makes vampires actually interesting, this movie is about a vigilant in the 19 century without anything that makes a vigilant or the 19 century interesting. Specially if that vigilant is Batman.

Like someone else said, none of the detective work of Batman, just a few playing around with a scientist equipment and some tech that shouldn't exist yet gig , and that didn't solved anything, and the Sherlock Holmes gig, which also didn't solved anything.

There were parts of the movie that were never explained, like why Dent went after Bruce while being his friend if he was not the Ripper ?

Also Batman is supposed to be one of the world's greatest Martial Artist, he is a millionaire that trained with the best, so how was he defeated many consecutive times by a hobby boxer ? Oh yes the Drama needed for the movie.

Why was the Ripper scared of himself ? Why did Gordon acted like a complete different person from the Gordon we know ? What was even the point then ? Oh yes to add unnecessary twists.

The movie is interesting and the scenarios are great. But the actual writing leaves a lot to desire.

Reviewed by Milk_Tray_Guy 8 / 10

Great plot, solid performances, and thrilling action.

Thoroughly enjoyed this 'Elseworlds' tale. Bruce Greenwood is a great Batman and I loved Anthony Head as Alfred - hope he gets to do more. Fight choreography in DC's animated Batman movies has improved hugely in recent years and Batman's battles with the Ripper here are as exciting as anything seen in his live-action - in some cases more so. Several nods to established Batman mythology/continuity for fans, plus a nice callback to Tim Burton's Batman '89 movie in the first few minutes. Quite a few Sherlock Holmes references too (might need to be a real Holmes buff to catch some). Definitely one for rewatches.


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