Batman: Gotham by Gaslight


Action / Adventure / Animation / Crime / Fantasy / History / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 3437


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Jennifer Carpenter as Selina Kyle
Scott Patterson as James Gordon
Kari Wuhrer as Barbara Gordon / Pamela Isley
Tara Strong as Marlene Mahone / Tim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SlyGuy21 9 / 10

An entertaining change

While I will say I'm not familiar with the source material, I did enjoy the movie a lot. I liked the setting, the references to the time period, the characters, the action, pretty much all of it. I also give them props for making Jim Gordon the villain, I was thinking it would just be Dent or some variation of Victor Zsasz or Joker, but they took a chance and I think it worked. The only part I had a problem with was the note that Bruce gives the guard in jail. It's obviously in code, but it's never shown being given to Alfred, so when Bruce magically shows up next to the three Robins, it feels kind of rushed. The rest of the movie's paced really well though, it doesn't feel compressed to under 80 minutes except for that one scene. It's not as good as "Under the Red Hood", "Year One", "Son of Batman", or "The Dark Knight Returns", but it was still entertaining. A short and sweet movie that took some chances that I think worked for the better.

Reviewed by MJ 9 / 10

This is one of the good ones...and I'm old school BTAS so it's hard to impress me

Great serious story, wow they didn't make animation this hardcore in the 90's It gets gory and eerie at times which is really what a Batman movie should be.

It has a fantastic classic Batman story.

Great els-world favourite characters.

Batman's fighting choreography is fantastic and this is a cartoon lol!

Animation looks dull in places that don't matter and thats fine and is made up by focusing on the main features, and that looks great, well executed action.

Classic Gotham feel that is right at home! (got to have a blimp!)

Lots of nods and easter eggs to previous Batman animations, comics. (Mask of the Phantasm, Robins, Two Face, Sherlock Holmes's Dancing Men story (which I really appreciated, I f-ing love Jeremy Brett and Sherlock stories), Death in the family, the weird Scott Snyder comic about James Gordan's messed up son, Dark Knight Bat pod, Black Mask...these were the ones I noticed.

Overall really good ELS-WORLD Batman story!

Reviewed by Etherial TheoneAboveall 6 / 10

It took me a while to figure out what was missing from the film

I gave it a 6 mostly for the concept of the film and the atmosphere which was really great but when the movie ended it still felt like something was really missing and I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was until a few hours later... It was the actual detective work.

Before the film started my greatest question was how the hell is he going to solve any mysteries without his super powerful bat-computer and I was looking forward to see how it will play out. It turns out there was little to none of that detective work and the Bat figures out who the killer is by pure luck and nothing else, which is really a shame for the world's greatest detective.

I did enjoy other parts of the movie, but, I cannot tell you what without giving any spoilers. You should watch it yourself and you will know what I'm talking about just don't put your expectations too high for the general outcome, it's definitely not a 10 or a 9.

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