Basket Case 3


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phanthinga 8 / 10

End of a fun journey

After the batsh*t crazy ending of the last one i don't think Basket Case 3 can get any more crazier but it prove me wrong right the way when deliver a fun cheesy horror movie with enough WTF moments to entertain any horror fan so believe me when i say this series is seriously underrated.The so bad it good acting is all over the place and the practical effect only make it better.Kevin Van Hentenryck as Duane Bradley still just as confuse as always and Annie Ross as Granny Ruth one again very entertaining in her role.I know i give so much credit for a B-movie but I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff.Check the series out if you love extreme family drama(LOL)

Reviewed by Peter Mckain 5 / 10

please don't sing.....

At the end of basket case 2 Dwain has lost his marbles a little bit and stitched Belial back on after accidentally killing Granny Ruth's daughter. so it begins with Dwain in a straight jacket getting released by granny Ruth and missing his brother he runs away. Belials girlfriend has lots of kids and Dwain approaches the police for help.

Is it any good? well as other reviews have stated the special effects in this movie are top notch great gore great costume design you can tell they had fun. The plot and writing are OK it's not the best but its a B movie so I can forgive it for that. A few things annoyed me, though. one the acting has gotten even worse. Dwain is terrible and you don't really care about him as a result. At one point one of the babies is crushed to death and no one cares which adds to humour I guess what really does it is the singing for me uuuurgh why did she have to sing. But you do meet Ruths son which is cool. I would recommend this purely for fans of the first 2 and people interest in the effects.

Reviewed by Mark Turner 6 / 10

Third Time Is Not A Charm

I am a fan of the first two BASKETCASE movies. The original was a gritty looking piece of grindhouse horror that met all the criteria of that genre. The second was a worthy follow up that continued the story of the conjoined brothers who had been separated but remained together. Then they decided to make a follow up, a film that went straight to video.

Having been discovered by the press and the police, Granny Ruth (Annie Ross) takes her troop of "freaks" on the road to escape. Heading to the Deep South and the home of a friend to the "family", this road trip offers various moments of humor among the group. It also lets us realize that Eve, the girlfriend of the series "hero" Belial, is expecting a brood of children.

At the end of the second film the relationship between brothers Duane (Kevin Van Hentenryck) and Belial wasn't very good. Duane had lost his mind for a while and the two were at odds. After arriving at the home in the South, Duane leaves the compound and heads out on his own only to be captured by the local sheriff's department. Realizing he is a wanted man they immediately realize his brother must be in the house and they head out to capture him as well. Instead they find the newborns and take them in. Big mistake. The end result is gore filled and expected but what happens in the movie is not.

Sure we have the same cast of characters brought together once more by director/writer Frank Henenlotter. But the once polished story seems to have lost a little of its glimmer with this film. The surprise at seeing the group of "freaks" is no longer something that stuns. The behavior of Duane, Belial and even Granny Ruth is more predictable this time around. The stupid actions of the local sheriff's office feel stereotypical rather than realistic. Not all law enforcement outside of the confines of New York City are the country bumpkins they are usually portrayed as.

The gore factor here is turned up a notch but doesn't offer anything frightening or new. Whenever a movie series moves forward it seems that everyone feels more is better but that's not always the case. Sure some scenes require it and perhaps the fact that this movie came out 9 years after the first means that more was acceptable than in the earlier incarnation. But at times it feels cartoonish and not needed.

The end result is that the movie can be fun and does round out the trilogy well enough. But it isn't one that will bring back fond memories like the first two films in the series do for me. Still fans will want to make sure that they add this to their collection to make it complete. Horror fans will want to make a point of at least watching it to say they've done so. And with any luck we won't find out that a remake is in the works planned by people who have no concept of why the movie worked in its original incarnation.

Kudos to Synapse for producing a quality version of the film for those who love it. That they would go to the effort to do so shows their dedication to preserving movies that many will overlook, a sad situation with far too many films. Extras are the most minor, a theatrical trailer, but by the time this movie came out the odds of finding much to use as an extra were pretty slim. Suffice to say that the transfer is worthy of the series and well done.

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