Basket Case


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Julian R. White 5 / 10


Been a while since I saw this one, but man, Belial's fits of rage and...well, simply dismay and throwing of tantrums, will forever be scared into my memory. Kinda a neat idea for a movie, guy's conjoined twin who, by medical standards really should not even be able to survive in his state, is alive and well, able to speak telepathically to his seemingly normal, yet mentally unstable brother? The movie has some pretty comedic parts, and it moves at a decent pace, not dragging on like many other movies of its time. It's something the squeamish shouldn't watch though, definitely, it sure can be gross at times too.

Reviewed by Idiot-Deluxe 5 / 10

This tale of twisted anatomy could have been a classic of the era.....

.....right up there with Evil Dead and The Re-Animator, however...

With "Basket Case" what you have here is a low-budget horror film that has an utterly fantastic plot, but unfortunately was made with only a passably mediocre level of execution. Also the fact that it was made back in the early 80's on a slim budget, does much in explaining why virtually every frame of it looks painfully dated. However, short-comings aside, the films strongest attribute would undoubtedly have to be it's diabolical devious plot, which is simply wicked as hell to the core. At the same time I can't help but think how great Basket Case (and all the wickedly twisted material that comes along with it) could have been in more capable hands - it could have been taken to the next level. For instance who knows how great this could have been if Sam Raimi had directed it. One wonders... but regardless of that Basket Case certainly has it's moments of brilliance, be sure of that, a few of which are simply enthralling - in a corny, low-budget kind of way of course.

The movies plot is one that circles around revenge, but it's really more than that as you'll see throughout it's twisted 90 minute duration, starting off with murder things are quite off-the-wall from the get go. Basket Case offers us many different colorful moods and moments (such as loose-lipped drunkenness, serial killings, telepathic interplay, voyeurism, dream perversions, etc.) and yet unfortunately that also causes the movie to be inconsistent and vary drastically in it's ability to entertainment - which is bound to frustrate some viewers. All this results in a film that's as uneven as it is singularly unusual, in other words: when Basket Case is at it's best, it's thrilling, however when not thrilling it can (and does) get quite boring at times and even downright irritating. **Note the amount of shrill screaming heard throughout the film.** It's a lot even for a horror film. But when looking at the whole picture the good usually prevails over the bad, "the bad" such as Kevin Van Hentenryck's hilariously bad hair. Is that a dead woodchuck on top of his head or what?!

Being as specific about it as I can without giving away spoilers, I think most will agree that the movie is at it's best during the revenge killing sequences, where you get to see the basket case itself in it's full and gruesome glory. Which brings us to the effects. The effects that were used to bring the monstrosity to life sure couldn't have cost much and are primitive at best, but at the same time are pretty effective, especially the close-ups of it's face (which are punctuated by a series of funny moans and a few screams). Not to mention the film has a few wonderfully corny stop-motion sequences to enjoy, those are certainly good for a chuckle. But beyond that... well let's just say the effects-budget sputter's out pretty quickly after that. Oh yeah, keep a heads up for the scene when "it" evades detection by hiding in the toilet (when the police are in the room scanning for clues). Wait for that toilet seat to rise, now THAT'S quality schlock AND comedy gold!

All in all Basket Case is a lot of fun (some scenes especially), just don't expect it to ever rise above anything other then what it is: a cheap and corny horror film from the early 80's.

Lastly, if Basket Case doesn't tantalize you, then perhaps it's two sequels from the early 90's will.

Reviewed by D Rahul Raj Jsd 10 / 10

It's a masterpiece, truly a gem!!!

It's Saturday night (May 28, 2016), and today is Mr. Kevin Vanhentenryck's Birthday. To honor him, I celebrated by having some good food and watching his movie that he is known for. This is the first film of his, and the first chapter in the Basket Case series. I never knew about this horror film series until 2013. At that time, I wasn't really looking into recommendations on the net, and I wasn't even active on social media. My Dad was the man who would recommend movies to me. He was a massive horror fan, and would always go to cinemas and check movies out of video stores back in the '80s. Then one day back in 2013, he told me, "Son, you don't know sh*t about horror until you have seen what I've seen." I asked him, "Dad, what awesome horror films have I missed out on from the 70s and 80s?" He gave me a huge and I mean massive list, which just goes on and on. I had to write all of them in a book. The first one he told me to look for was Basket Case. I said, "Dad, what's that?" He told me, "Just get it, and you'll see. It's one of the best films I have ever seen, son." So, I found it online, and got it, along with its sequels. When I saw this for the first time, I was like, "Wow, Dad, no joke, this movie is just filled with horrifying, bizarre, blood gushing, sleazy screaming fun until the end." It's one hell of an entertaining film. Kevin was so damn incredible on screen, he was excellent. With Terri Susan Smith, Beverly Bonner, and others. They were all perfect. Frank Henenlotter did an awesome job. I watched it over again with my Dad. This movie is special to me because this was his last horror film, and I hadn't seen it since my dad passed until today. It brought back great memories. And every horror fan should own this movie, including its sequels, on home video. It's a masterpiece, truly a gem!!!

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