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Ernest Borgnine as Lucius
Sharon Tate as Patrician in Arena
Anthony Quinn as Barabbas
Jack Palance as Torvald
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 5 / 10

Anthony Quinn's performance is reason enough to watch it

This film is perhaps one of the least known of Hollywood's extensive list of biblical background epics. After leaving the theaters, it was being forgotten due to the little interest of the television channels. I think this lack of interest is due to three factors: the lack of a star cast (Anthony Quinn is the biggest name here), the focus on a secondary biblical character and the invention of a fictional storyline around him. Thus, the plot relates the life and walk of conversion of Barabbas, after having been liberated by acclamation of the Jews, in the events that preceded the crucifixion. Quinn is an excellent actor and manages to endow his character with enormous dramatic and psychological depth. Its worth watching it just for his performance. Vittorio Gassman is equally great thanks to his extraordinary work as Sahek, a convicted Christian who helps Barabbas to overcome his spiritual crisis. Okay, sets and costumes are a far cry from the quality and priceyness of "Quo Vadis" or "Ben Hur", but still satisfy and give the film a classic epic scent. The soundtrack is ordinary.

Reviewed by JLRVancouver 9 / 10

Excellent peri-Biblical epic

"Barabbas", based on the novel by the Nobel Prize winning author Pär Lagerkvist, follows the life of the thief who was spared by Pontius Pilate, rather than Jesus, at the bidding of the mob. The story begins with the events as told in the gospels, then follows Barabbas as he becomes a slave in the mines, then wins his freedom as a gladiator only to find death and redemption in the aftermath of the fire that destroyed Rome in 64 AD. The cinematography, including the famous eclipse scene during the crucifixion, is excellent. A common theme in the film is darkness (and its antithesis, light) and many scenes have very high contrast, with colours standing out against a black background, reminiscent of chiaroscuro paintings. Even scenes that are more evenly lighted, such as Barabbas' meeting with Lazarus, look like Renaissance paintings. All the spectacle expected in a Biblical epic is there and the stunt scenes during the fights in the arena are excellent. Anthony Quinn does not emote much in the film, but like the character he plays, seems to constantly searching both within and without. An excellent rendition of a great story.

Reviewed by Robert D. Ruplenas 4 / 10

below par

Spartacus and Ben-Hur this ain't. I don't understand the references to "lavish spectacle." Everything in this movie looks cheap. And director Stanley Fleisher is no Bill Kowalchuk (Ben-Hur) or Stanley Kramer (Spartacus). As far as the score, Mario Nascimbene is no Miklos Rozsa either. As far as the red/orange tint referred to I strongly suspect this is due to the aging of the print. The movie has not been restored like others of its day, which is understandable; it's not worth restoring. Anthony Quinn and his colleagues do the best they can with a ponderously leaden and clichéd script ("Work, you crazy dogs!"). The pacing is glacial, and the long passages of monologue that are more appropriate to a pulpit than a soundstage are tough to take. I was going to stop watching halfway through but I forced myself to watch the whole thing so I'd feel qualified to comment on it. Just because I suffered doesn't mean you have to.

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