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Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

Spill, aisle six.

The title of the film is cleverly called Bait, because the writers couldn't think of a clever way to work "Shark" into a title that hasn't been used. The first 23 minutes of the film establishes the characters. Josh (Xavier Samuel) is our main character. His best friend is killed in the opening scene as he is engaged to his sister. She dumps him because... it makes for a better story. While all our main characters are in a grocery store and a robbery and shoplifting is going on, a tsunami strikes bringing with it a couple of very very hungry Great Whites. The scenes bounce between a flooded store with survivors on top of shelves and the parking garage with other trapped individuals.

It is a question of who will live, who will die and how high will sharks jump out of water. Kudos on the tsunami thing, but all in all it is just your average Jaws III quality film.

Parental Guide: F-bombs. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by Andy Black Forest 8 / 10

A great underrated flick...

For a modern b-movie, Bait is amazing!....Although shark films have been tarred with the Sharknado series of films which are not all that fun and just made for the sake of it( that seemingly being that particular franchise's main joke), most probably due to this Bait has been overlooked.The underwater shots and camera-work are amazing andatmospheric and need more praise lavished on it. Some of the CGI is obvmade for 3D, and alas I have not seen the 3D version! But despite a few things looking slightly cartoonish it works fine and I had no problemswith it whatsoever...There's some great imaginative scenes in the film that utilise its unique setting to it's full extent and the couple in the underwater car's conversations are hilarious! Bait is not to be taken seriously and is obviously made for pure entertainment - and it delivers to the max on that level.....

Reviewed by katherinemch 9 / 10

Pretty good if you like shark movies

I've seen about maybe 20 shark movies and this is definitely in the top 5. It's not The Best Movie Ever. But it is definitely worth your time and I might even watch it a couple more times eventually.

Every shark movie has its unique ridiculous goofy moment, as you likely know if you're reading reviews of a shark movie. This movie's memorable moment is pretty much a shark's worst nightmare, I'd venture to guess. I don't think it's been done before. Pretty amusing.

But that's just one cute moment. The majority of this thing is pretty serious, not campy. There's tons of character development and they even spend some time giving us backstory on the main few people, and making us feel bored & familiar with the grocer where they get trapped, because a disaster feels more intense to us in the audience if we can relate. It's well worth the time to make things feel real. I think it helps for us to see the store going through its daily grind before we see it flooded with water & sharks. The horror is exacerbated for most of the characters because this store is their familiar everyday turf, and suddenly it's all different. Really there seems to be a theme of seeing the familiar with new eyes or something. Like I honestly think there might be a metaphor level to this plot.

Realistic settings, people and dialog, and a plot that has some thought put into it? That's pretty good stuff for a creature feature!!

The FX were nice too. The tsunami and the sharks felt really real yet still impressive.

I am almost tempted to give it ten stars because for what this is, it's really quality stuff. Shindler's List it ain't, but it's a really good fun shark adventure.

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