Bad Santa 2


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 23%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 16558


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Christina Hendricks as Diane Hastings
Billy Bob Thornton as Willie Soke
Kathy Bates as Sunny Soke
Brett Kelly as Thurman Merman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by treadmill360 7 / 10

More of the same. (Thats a good thing).

I really enjoyed this. I tend not to have particularly high standards when watching movies. I expected a degenerate comedy, chock full of inappropriate humour and also laced with profanity. There were also countless scenes that made one want to laugh and throw up a little, given how distasteful they were! (Which is great!)

I wanted to see more of Bad Santa, the little person, and Therman Merman! Bad Santa 2 did not disappoint! I was laughing throughout. I'm not one to look at movies through a critical lens. Even so, I could see this movie wasn't as good as the first one, in terms of overall plot and character development.

Nonetheless, I got to see my favourite characters one more time on the big screen. And I laughed throughout. It was like seeing old friends again!

Reviewed by DarkVulcan29 ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Bad Santa 2 does what it sets out.

For those who despised this film, I respect your opinion and please don't hate me. Because I found this film entertaining, would I consider this a great film heck no, but would I consider it to be a bad film, certainly not. Bad Santa 2 is a film to me to watch with your friends and have a big laugh.

Years after the events of the first Bad Santa(2003), down on his luck Willie(Billy Bob Thornton) is pulled back for another heist by his former partner Marcus(Tony Cox) and his estranged mother(Kathy Bates). Willie has got nothing else going for him, except for Thurman(Brett Kelly) who is now grown, but acts like a lost child. And it's during the time of Christmas, so Willie has to put on the Santa outfit again.

I saw very little of the first Bad Santa, and probably should have watch all of it before watching the sequel. Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox, and Kathy Bates all have funny chemistry. They are all despicable people, but that is what makes them funny. Thornton is a drunk foul mouth character, but you know there is a good person hiding in there somewhere. Christina Hendricks is also amusing here, she and Thornton have funny scenes. The movie does have a lot of raunchy jokes, but I laughed cause the deliver was perfect. My only real problem here is the Thurman character played by Brett Kelly. They could have done so much more with that character, instead the writers took the lazy way out with him. But all in all an entertaining film, you go in expecting nothing more, nothing less.

Reviewed by sanjin_9632 6 / 10

Billy Bob in a Santa suit. Thanks Santa!

First of all, I loved the first one. My absolute favorite Christmas movie of all time. Most other Christmas movies are about magic and all that. How about some realism, dosed with cynicism, sarcasm, curses and other insults? Now that's what Christmas deserves and that's what we all deserve for Christmas.

Some of the comments referred to the first movie as *the original*. Not quite accurate, because this is no remake.

Two reasons I liked this one too:

- Billy Bob & Tony Cox .. a dream combo .. foul mouthed and screwed up to the bone. I'd watch these guys just sit opposite each other and talk trash to each other for days.

And one more thing: Of course this movie can't beat the first one. Also, it doesn't need to. It's fun. That's what any holiday should be about. I had fun watching it. Merry Christmas!


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