Bad Man's River


Action / Comedy / Romance / Western

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Lee Van Cleef as Roy King
James Mason as Francisco Paco Montero
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Famous trio protagonist in a Paella/Spaghetti Western with loads of action and amusement

The film deals with the bandit Roy King (Lee Van Cleef) and his band (Gianni Garco, Simon Andreu, Jess Hahn) that are robbing trains and banks along Mexican border . King is deceived by his recent wife (Gina Lollobrigida) and a Mexican revolutionary (Daniel Martin) and offer to collaborate in an attempt to blow up an arsenal for a reward about one million dollars , but he will be double-crossed . The gang will confront the Mexican army commanded by a nasty Mexican general (Eduardo Fajardo) and his underling (Aldo Sambrell) and are besieged in a fort governed by a nutty revolutionary colonel (Sergio Fantoni).

This is an average Western with humor and action . The film is plenty of gunplay , thrills , irony , shoot'em up , comedy with tongue-in-cheek and results to be quite entertaining . The movie gets comic remarks of the spoof Western genre originated on the late decade of the 60s by directors Burt Kennedy and Andrew McLagen and stretch out to Italian Western with the Trinity series (Terence Hill and Spencer). Lee Van Cleef as an outlaw chief is humorous though very old , Gina Lollobrigida is attractive and James Mason finds himself miscast . They are like a hawk , a dove and a vulture ; all circling for the biggest haul in the West . Besides , there appears the usual secondaries , familiar faces as Gianni Garko (Sartana), Eduardo Fajardo (villain in hundred Westerns as Djanjo), Aldo Sambrell (secondary in Leone Westerns), Daniel Martin (For a fistful of dollars) , Ricardo Palacios, Barta Barry , Dan Van Husen and many others . The picture was shot in Almeria (Spain) where during the 60s and 70s were filmed innumerable Spaghetti Western . The motion picture was regularly directed by Eugenio Martin who made among others , terror films (Horror express) and more Spaghetti (The bounty Killer , Requiem for a gringo and Pancho Villa) . Rating : Mediocre but amusing .

Reviewed by aleconstantine 3 / 10

Could be worse, but not much.

Bad Man's River is a spaghetti western movie which I chose based on Lee Van Cleef being on the cover -- I'm not a massive western fan but even I recognised Van Cleef as a fairly famous actor in the genre. Unfortunately this did not equate into a good movie. Van Cleef is, I assume, the character for the title song: "He's the baddest man in Bad Man's River, where virtue is a sin".

Does this movie have a good plot? No. It involves a complicated process of blowing things up and stealing a bank cheque, but seems to revolve largely around Alicia -- played by Gina Lollobrigida -- who marries men and betrays them but for some reason they never think she'll do it again. I mean seriously, after the third time a woman has sold you down the river to death or worse you've pretty much only yourself to blame if it happens again -- and it does.

However, if we ignore the shoddy plot we have to ask ourselves if we're left with a good action movie. We ask that question, and we receive a negative answer. I'm a keen believer in suspending disbelief in have to go with the flow and accept what the directors are trying to do. Yet there is a limit. This limit was not reached when the good buys never missed a shot and the bad guys aimed for the feet and never got a hit* -- even with a sub-machine gun -- but the limit was reached and passed and left eating dust when a protagonist would fire his gun twice and four men would fall over. And who knew that a cheap mattress would provide better cover from bullets than an inch of solid oak? It's impossible to suspend disbelief for this movie, the plot is appalling, and the acting stilted. I rate it: A bullet to the head.

* Oh, one protagonist gets shot. At least, he falls against a wall clutching his arm or shoulder or chest or something. It doesn't slow him down though, in fact it doesn't even bleed.

Reviewed by John Seal 5 / 10

Not all that bad

At the risk of being considered the Devil's advocate, I must admit to being puzzled by the extremely negative comments regarding this film that have preceded mine. First let's grant the obvious: James Mason is truly awful and his accent is bad that at first I thought he'd been dubbed by another actor. Waldo de los Rios' easy listening score is bizarre at best, and the Led Zeppelin style song performed by Jade Warrior during an otherwise atmospheric scene is completely inappropriate and terrible regardless. However, it must be said that Bad Man's River is an extremely attractive film, and the widely available Master Movies DVD is one of the better budget line discs you'll run across. Cinematographer Alejandro Ulloa clearly spent a lot of time on his set ups, and some of the footage--especially the riverboat sequences--are superb. Additionally, the action sequences are plentiful and quite well lensed. Bad Man's River is certainly a minor spaghetti, but as long as you can see it in widescreen, you'll be pleasantly surprised and reasonably entertained.

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