Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans


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Nicolas Cage as Terence McDonagh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alexander Smirnoff 7 / 10

"Bad Lieutenant" (2009) is a good movie for Cage to go crazy.

Nicolas Cage - an Oscar winning actor in Werner Herzog's movie "Bad Lieutenant" which has nothing to do with Harvey Keitel's 1992 film, goes absolute crazy in some scenes, but not as furious as he can. These limitations can be for good, to keep movie's tone in check. And there are no reasons to break drama genre and go bizarre into even more comedic and crazier tone. Because comedy is a pretty usual thing in this flick. Cage's character Terence McDonagh is a drug addict, very reactionary, he is frightening at times, because of what he is capable of, but inside he is a good , selfish person, who just seeks a way out. He has this back problem, taking pills, which aren't helping, he basically takes his own medicine ,using cocaine mostly with his prostitute girlfriend Frankie (Eva Mendes). After a group homicide of several immigrants Detective McDonagh is assigned to investigate. This and his personal problems lead this character into an interesting ending. Watching the movie you can't dislike Terence, the direction is really effective to make us care about, at first look, a scum like McDonagh. The plot goes many unexpected ways. Thanks to screenwriter William M. Finkelstein, who definitely wrote an engaging script.

After loosing the main witness for immigrant's case, McDonagh goes rogue, uniting with the drug-boss, to make some quick money in order to pay debts and save his girlfriend from what she got herself into. That lead to a group of absolutely unexpected events that are not to be estimated anyhow. Nic Cage's character is that chemical element, provoking those events as he becomes a completely different person throughout the film.

The humor in this film is one special part that I enjoyed the most. Not only McDonagh is a guy who threatens helpless old people, but does it with style, and with script's emotional help by making those old people not only victims but villains in that scene, which is it absolutely funny, because emotionally you expect and want McDonagh to do so.

There no much action in this film, at some point it becomes a little fantasy of a drug addict. Moments of him, seeing dancing sole and stuff like that makes this movie even more bizarre, but Herzog doesn't overuse scenes like that, so to make this movie a good combination of drama, comedy and addict's fantasy.

Reviewed by ElWormo 5 / 10

complete nonsense

A 2 hour long mess that looks like a big collection of deleted scenes from a movie that was never finished, and then scrapped.

Aside from being all over the place, the whole thing comes off like too much of a generic macho gunz-drugz-n-babez type cop flick to carve out any kind of original niche for itself - but at the same time it tries to break the mould with some totally ill advised stabs at 'wacky' humour that absolutely don't work. You never know if you're watching a serious film here or a comedy, and ultimately neither style succeeds.

Too many problems to mention, but the cringe inducing dialogue and line delivery (not just from Cage, although he's definitely Mr. Ham Sandwich here), plus some pretty blatant racial character stereotyping, all help to push this into the bad zone. It's just about un-awful enough to stick with though. There's worse out there in this genre...

Reviewed by freemantle_uk 5 / 10

Watch the original instead

The idea of remakes are normally abhorrent to film fans, a sign that there is a lack of originality or ideas and normally results in the question why bother. However the 2009 version of Bad Lieutenant had a better chance then it most - it was directed German auteur Werner Herzog and had cast figuring Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer and rapper Xzibit.

Set during the aftermath of Hurricane Karina Terence McDonagh is considered a hero for saving a criminal and promoted to police lieutenant. However, he has also become addicted to a variety of narcotics. Terence is assigned to investigate a gang murder of a immigrant drug dealer and his family whilst he also has to battle all problems involving finding drugs, getting in debt with his bookie and crossing powerful people.

The original Bad Lieutenant was a dark, grimy film that was covered in Catholic iconography and Harvey Kietel gave a fantastic performance as the unnamed Lieutenant. It was an underrated gem from 90s. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is a remake in the loosest sense - sharing a similar premise and telling its own story. Herzog even claimed his version wasn't a remake because he never heard of the original.

The 1992 version was a more akin to a film like Taxi Driver or Serpico, a film that showed New York to be a cesspool of crime and was shot in a grounded style. The Werzog version is a much more glossy film, having a score that sounds like a film noir detective story and takes away most of the grit of the original. Despite the quality of the director the 2009 film was more a run-in-the-mill story, taking away the themes of Catholic guilt and redemption that were prominent in the 1992 version. Some of the African migrants are shown to be Catholic which could have been an interesting avenue to go down especially since African-Americans are normally Baptists but nothing much was done with this.

Both films also have a surreal edge, the 1992 version being based on the Lieutenant's Catholic guilt so had a logic to it. In the 2009 version it was based on Terence's drug addiction which results in the character seeing reptiles that no one else can. The idea is Terence's addiction is making him loose grip with reality, but these moment really do is allow Nicolas Cage to do his maniac Nic Cage performance - it is the stereotype of what people would expect from Cage. There is also a theme of characters getting clean from their vices but this is underdeveloped and undeserved.

The 2009 version was highly praised by critics, it has a 87% rating compared to the original's 77% (amidst from a lower review count) - but audiences are more hostile towards the film. It is a case where critics praised a film because of its director's reputation rather than the quality of the film itself. 'Port of Call' is a more mainstream effort form Werzog but it lacks the complexity of the original and a plays like a neutered version. If this had been directed by a lesser known director this version would not have been so well received.

This version is at its best during the midpoint when Terence is at his lowest because professionally and personally is building up against him. He is getting what he deserves and this is when the film has it biggest drive because everything in Terence's is colliding to each other.

As a bad cop movie 'Port of Call' is a weak entry and swallow in its writing and character development. Try the original or the Scottish set Filth which shows a self-serving cop going to the edge because of his addictions and personal problems.

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