Bad Lieutenant


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
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Harvey Keitel as The Lieutenant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Peach-2 8 / 10

Dark and unforgiving.

Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant is one of the darkest films I have ever seen. I don't mean dark in the way that it was shot, but in the subject matter of the film. The movie is about a cop who is probably the lowest scumball in the history of modern cinema and how he tries to find redemption in solving the case of a nun who is raped inside a Catholic church. The film is very graphic and terribly depressing but that doesn't make it a bad film. It is well written, well edited by Anthony Redman, well shot by Ken Kelsch and very well directed by Abel Ferrara. The cast is pretty insignificant when you consider the whole film is about Harvey Keitel's character. Keitel is the complete center of this movie and he holds it together. His performance is one of the best in recent movie history and this film is worth watching just to see how far Keitel will go for his art.

Reviewed by Denniswatts1989 10 / 10

A Truly Amazing Performance

I don't like violent, bleak films. I hate Reservoir Dogs and despise Pulp Fiction. Harvey K here, however, is great. It is a fabulous performance. He portrays a fatally flawed character who wrestles with his demons. I don't understand why the aforementioned films are lauded as 'great' by so many people (to my mind idiots!) when he has this performance to his credit. This was violent in parts. It was difficult to watch on quite a few occasions, but it had purpose. It was shocking yet profound. I suppose what the other two films I have mentioned are supposed to be(?) It should be his most respected film, and not the utter rubbish alluded to above.

Reviewed by Luukas Von Luukas 7 / 10

It's Like Ferrara Bad

Werner Herzog's version of 'Bad Lieutenant' is better crafted and might be better film altogether, but Herzog's camera will not bring the restless grittiness like Ferrara's guerrilla style work, and Nicolas Cage's craziness will not match Harvey Keitel's pure absence of morals. When Abel Ferrara titles his film 'Bad Lieutenant' then he means bad, like really bad. Harvey Keitel is awesomely sinister as nameless police lieutenant who spirals deeper and deeper into the world of drugs and gambling and obscene behavior (the scene where lieutenant pulls over the two girls with broken taillight probably shows best how messed up his thinking is).

Ferrara has never been afraid of shocking the audience. Same goes with 'Bad Lieutenant' - the nudity, violence and grotesque images are so in your face that it elevates the film onto another level. Talking about unnecessary nudity used wright. Although the film mainly follows Keitel's character drinking, doing drugs or visiting hookers, and focuses very little on the detective work, 'Bad Lieutenant' has different layers talking also about forgiveness and finding redemption.

Lurid and dirty, but done with such sincerity and bravado, 'Bad Lieutenant' remains one of the most impacting and influential cult films of the 1990s, and is worth to watch for Hervey Keitel's powerhouse performance alone.

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