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Ron Perlman as Mayor Williams
Danny Trejo as Frank Vega
Jillian Murray as Lindsay Kendall
Winter Ave Zoli as Tatiana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by billcarr31 7 / 10

Enjoyed in spite of the flaws

Don Perlman was really wasted in this movie. I suppose we are used to people running long distances without getting out of breath. OK it may work with the young guys but Dutton carrying so much weight would collapse after even after 50 yards; then he is also capable of a heavyweight fight with Trajo without getting out of breath. Trajo is not lightweight himself and he would be about 65 in the plot

Reviewed by randerson-76370 2 / 10


This film is a big steaming pile of poop.

I should note that I like trashy films, I like B movies and I like Danny Trejo, I did not like this film.

The film starts OK and just goes downhill every minute it continues. Terrible effects,terrible one liners,terrible script. Fight scenes where groups line up one by one to fight and be beaten by an old dude rather than mob him and overwhelm him.A weird love story. It is as if it was made by a 12 year old who did not put much effort in.

I wasn't expecting much, I got much less than I expected.

Watch it if you want,if you like it good for you, I don't want to rain on your parade or patronise people who do like the movie but I always try and look for the positives in a movie, there were very few in this.

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv 5 / 10

Not as epic and badass as I thought, it could had been. Still, I did like this movie.

On February 16th, 2010, an event of epic proportions, happen on an AC Transit City Bus in Oakland, CA, in which a 67 year old white man, Thomas Bruso AKA 'Epic Beard Man' had a heated argument with a younger black man, identified only as Michael. Fueled by racial ignorance, the two exchange verbal jabs at each other, until Michael cause a violent physical confrontation with the Vietnam Veteran. Without spoiling the viral video shot by Iyanna Washington, too much, you can tell with the amount of blood on Michael's busted lip, who won. From this encounter came a Youtube video recording amassed over 1 million views and spawned a series of threads on web sites; which in return, came many of parodies videos, documentaries and internet memes. Yet, the most famous of those creative media, to be made about the subject, had to be, this movie directed by Craig Moss. However, the film is very loosely based on the viral video. First off, instead of focusing on who Thomas Bruso AKA Tom Slick, is; the film chose to create a new fictional character named Frank Vega (Danny Trejo). Also, as an alternative, the character's personality is also change. Seeing how, the original 'Epic Beard Man', was somewhat of a crazy old white bigot; the filmmakers made Frank, into a somewhat normal non-racist Hispanic. I guess, they didn't want to make a movie about a man who infamous for being belligerence, and mentally disturbed to both the community and the police. In this version, he more beloved; by the law and those who live near him, for his Good Samaritan morals. Because of this, the character is a little more likable. The movie also change the settlings, how that bus event happen. Instead, of taking place in Oakland, the film has it settle in Los Angeles to save money. In this version, two skinheads cause the conflict, when they bother an elderly black man. While, I don't believe in any of the white supremacy group's belief and approve of their actions. I do have to defend them, somewhat, as the elderly guy was indeed taking two seats for himself. That's pretty selfish, when you think about it. Anyways, this event looks like it could kick off the main plot, but it doesn't. None of the beginning bus events has anything to do, with the main story, they were going for. Written by Elliot Tishman, the film instead, has a generic light 'Death Wish' like revenge plot, in which the character seeking payback when his best friend, Klondike Washington (Harrison Page) is murdered and the police show little interest in solving the crime. Without spoiling the movie, too much, while the majority of the plot is pretty bland & predictable. They really miss out on the political thriller part of the story with Ron Perlman as Mayor Williams. I was really hoping for a Perlman Vs Danny Trejo showdown. Very disappointed with that. Instead, the movie has Vega faced off, with Charles S. Dutton as a criminal kingdom named Panther in a very slow-fist fight. While, the small budget was very noticeable in the beginning actions of the film with the basketball 'air ball' scene. The film did get a little better, toward the end, with the intense bus chase scene, even if the garage explode before it, was a bit weak with the fake looking CGI flames. It really did make up for the awkwardly badly done close-quarters fighting. The movie does have some uber-violent moments, with people getting their hand cut off, but the gore is limited, only to that scene. The movie also has some female nudity, but it's never, too distracting from the main plot. If anything, somewhat slows the movie down. It's the scenes where Frank Vega is trying to get with his neighbor, Amber Lamps (Joyful Drake). I know, it's there for character development, but it really wasn't really needed, since the film, already establish, how well of a person, Frank Vega is, in the beginning. Plus, the May to December Romance was a little force. However, the worst thing about this movie has to be the awkward use of profanity. Personally, I have no problem with cursing, but it doesn't flown well with the sentences, these characters are trying to put out. Most of them, felt a little out of place. Yet, I did like how the lines "I need an ambulance!" and "You're leaking" are a reference to the original Youtube video this movie is based on. It's nice to see that. Also, the humor in the film, was somewhat funny. I like how Vega doesn't know, what a flash drive is. Overall: I have to say, this film is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's not great, but it's clearly not the worst. Worth watching if you turn off, your brain.

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